10 EDC Gift Ideas from Dango's Black Friday Sale

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It’s no secret that gift shopping can be a daunting task. But when it comes to finding the perfect gift for the EDC enthusiast in your life, Dango’s product offerings are diverse enough for you to check off your entire Christmas list on one website. 

Dango originally made their way into people’s pockets with their modern, minimalist tactical wallets. Now, they’ve brought their same overbuilt utilitarian design to all sorts of everyday essential gear. From modular wallets to machined pens, check out our top 10 favorite EDC gift ideas from Dango that are on sale right now and sure to have the ones on your list feeling prepared this holiday. 

Be sure to enter the code BFCM25 from November 17 to November 28 to enjoy 25% off Dango’s entire store.

Dango Carabiner and Shackle

Dango’s carabiner/shackle combo not only solves the problem of a noisy keyring but also serves as a holder for your wallet, knives, keys, flashlight, and other crucial essentials that need to be within reach. 

The carabiner is built from 6061 aerospace aluminum, while the Shackle is tough stainless steel, but both pieces are CNC-machined to precision. The carabiner has dual chambers with two spring-gated clips that keep it attached to its anchor point and the keys in place on the carabiner. 

More functional than a key organizer, the Dango Carabiner and Shackle offers the added flexibility and security you need when carrying your everyday carry essentials, making it a great gift choice for any EDC enthusiast.

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Dango Carabiner XL and Shackle

Looking for even more functionality? As an upsized version of the Dango Carabiner and Shackle, the Dango Carabiner XL and Shackle’s larger size also makes it usable as an anchor point on bag and belt straps, secured in place by routing them through both gated compartments. It also has other attachment points on its sides and corners that allow you to reposition the Shackle in a horizontal configuration or for any keyring essentials you might want to carry around with you, like that pesky car key fob that never seems to fit on anything.

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Dango D03 Dapper AirTag Wallet

The Dango D03 Dapper AirTag Wallet adds a helpful feature to Dango’s popular D-Series wallets: the ability to never get lost. 

Like the rest of the D03 line, the slim wallet’s clear anodized aluminum chassis and bifold 3-pocket design holds up to 14 cards easily, while its clean lines and use of contrasting materials and textures give it a sophisticated edge allowing you to take it from the boardroom to a night out on the town. 

Machined out of 6061 aerospace aluminum and assembled with durable and water-resistant DTEX pockets, the Dango D03 AirTag Wallet is designed to get through even the most challenging conditions. 

However, its standout feature is the included Apple AirTag Compatible silicone band, so you’ll never have to wonder where your wallet is again.

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Dango A10 Modular Wallet System

The Dango A10 is a unique modular wallet that seeks to do more than just hold your cards and cash. Dango’s modular wallet system offers tool-free configurations, with numerous accessories that can be hot-swapped to suit different occasions in your day-to-day activities. Whether you want an additional pocket for cash, a bifold for maximum space while keeping things slim and portable, or a pen holder for always having a writing tool on hand, it’s a highly versatile wallet and carrier. 

The Dango A10 also features a unique patent-pending, quick-release rail mechanism on both sides of the wallet. It grants easy access to your cards while keeping them securely in place when it’s not in use. One side features an RFID-protected cavity that accommodates up to four payment cards, and the backside has a special unshielded holder for one payment, access, or public transit card of your choice for hands-free convenience when you’re on the go. 

Each wallet is precision CNC-machined, hand-finished, and hand-assembled in the USA, and they’ve put special care and attention into getting the details just right.

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Dango D03 LITE Dapper Rail Wallet

When it comes to minimalist wallets, Dango’s D03 LITE Dapper Rail Wallet is an easy recommendation. Its lightweight, 1-piece all-metal chassis weighs a mere 1.5 grams, making it one of the lightest metal wallets on the market. Dango’s proprietary rail system allows the D03 LITE to hold up to 5 cards on each side, totaling 10 cards depending on card thickness. Like the rest of Dango’s wallets, the D03 LITE is made with high-quality, premium materials, machined out of 6061 aerospace aluminum, and anodized in satin silver and jet black for a durable finish.

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Dango M1 Maverick Spec Ops Wallet

Tasked with securing your most valuable essentials, an EDC wallet needs to be durable, organized, hard to lose, and easy to use. Dango’s flagship wallet, the M1 Maverick, is up to the task thanks to its bomb-proof design and vertical orientation for easier visibility, access, and handling. 

The badge adapter and neck lanyard give the M1 added functionality as a robust identification display. Meanwhile, the equipped MT04 tool comes with functions like a seat belt cutter, oxygen wrench, serrated and sharpened edges, and more, making it ideal for emergency responders and those with a rugged and tactical lifestyle. 

The CNC-machined aluminum frame features an internal metal RFID-blocking card cavity that holds up to 6 cards, held in place by a silicone cash strap. 

The Spec Ops version’s chassis is coated with a durable Cerakote finish. Instead of leather, the Dango M1 uses Dango’s DTEX material – a rugged, flexible, and weather-resistant synthetic material. Dango’s usual attention to detail in their designs and the highest quality fit and finish make the M1 the ultimate wallet or badge in your service.

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Dango D01 Dapper Single Pocket Wallet

With its low-profile design, durable construction, and classic aesthetics, the Dango D01 Dapper Wallet is a minimalist approach to keeping your cash and cards safe and organized. Dango combined their usual premium leather with durable aerospace aluminum resulting in a wallet that feels great to hold, with touchpoints that don’t take up too much pocket space. 

Even loaded with six cards, the entire package is only 0.3” thick. It accommodates up to 12 cards and keeps them safe from skimming, thanks to RFID protection. A textured elastic band holds bills securely, while the notch along the side of the wallet allows easy access to your cards. The built-in bottle opener comes in handy when it’s time to kick back and relax.

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Dango Ace Pen

If you’ve found yourself in those embarrassing situations where you had to ask to borrow a pen, you know how important it can be to include a pen in your everyday carry. The Dango Ace Pen was designed with aesthetics, proportions, weight, and usability in mind, CNC machined out of 6061 aerospace aluminum and anodized in Jet Black or Satin Silver. The Dango Ace Pen has a sleek stainless steel clip to easily attach to notebooks or your pocket. Inside, a German Schmidt 5888M safety ceramic roller, non-dry ink refill, makes for a satisfying writing experience. Comfortable to hold and use, the Dango Ace Pen is a robust and practical addition to anyone’s everyday kit. 

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Dango Cash Tray

Staying organized goes beyond packs, bags, and wallets. The Dango Cash Tray is a stylish holder for your cash, Dango wallets, keys, or pens that features all of Dango’s excellent use of materials and high-quality craftsmanship. Machined out of 6061 aerospace aluminum and bead-blasted for a premium matte finish, this platform is also equipped with anti-slip rubber footings on its underside, keeping the tray planted while protecting surfaces. For the cigar connoisseur, the Dango Cash Tray also acts as an ashtray and cigar holder. Whether placed on a side table, coffee table, or desk, the Dango Cash Tray is a stylish way to organize your cash and Dango accessories.

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Dango EDC Tray

Now that we’ve covered several of Dango’s line of products, it’s time to look at the ideal place to hold them all. The Dango EDC Tray stylishly organizes and protects your most prized everyday carry items in one convenient space. Machined from a solid piece of aluminum, it houses four different-sized cavities to perfectly complement and store items such as your wallet, keys, coins, jewelry, headphones, capsules, clips, knives, or a mobile phone. 

Each compartment has a cut-to-fit removable DTEX pad that offers extra protection and cushioning. Anti-slip rubber footing on the underside protects surfaces and keeps the tray safely in place. The Dango EDC Tray also handles tech needs with support for cable management and multiple-positioned stands for a tablet or phone. With its sturdy build and industrial design, the Dango EDC Tray is an ideal way to store and display any EDC enthusiast’s gear.

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Once you pick out the gifts you like, be sure to take advantage of Dango’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday early deals. Enter the code BFCM25 from November 17 to November 28 to enjoy 25% off Dango’s entire store.

This is a sponsored post presented by Dango.

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