Dango D02 Nickel-Plated Wallet

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When it comes to EDC gear, style doesn’t mean much without real substance. Usually it’s rare to see both in the same design: over-engineered features can look clunky, and sleek styling isn’t always built to last. But in the case of the Dango D02 wallet, its already stylish design gets even tougher through a special nickel-plated finish. Its hand-polished, high-hardness, and extra corrosion-resistant aluminum frame lets this wallet shine in any EDC.

Like their other options the frame of the D02 is aerospace grade aluminum, but the nickel-plated back is what makes the D02 stand out from the pack. Even more impressive is that with all that extra metal the wallet still weighs in at only 2.5 ounces. So you won’t have to worry about it weighing you down.

For added peace of mind Dango made sure this wallet was as secure as it is tough with RFID protection built-in. Its slim design doesn’t stop it from being able to fit up to 12 credit or business cards inside either. And their signature elastic band keeps a few folded bills on hand for when you need them. Throw in the optional MT02 multitool that’s compatible with all Dango wallets and you add an extra 14 tools to your carry without taking up any more pocket space. Whether you need to slice through rope, tighten down a screw, or open a beverage the MT02 has you covered.

The D02 Dapper wallet is anything but boring, so whether you’re looking to upgrade your current setup or want to treat yourself to a little something special you can’t go wrong here. If you want to slim down on bulk without giving up functionality make sure to click the link below.

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