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For the most part, using a modern wallet is a simple affair. You flip open the bifold or compartment to get to your essentials, or for a minimalist wallet, pull out the cards and cash as needed. But there are some things these wallets aren’t able to do well, like easily displaying identification or having an open RFID space for train cards or access cards. With an entire catalog dedicated to solving everyday wallet problems, Dango are set to do it yet again with their new M1 Maverick Rail wallet. It’s got the DNA and ease of use of a modern minimalist wallet while uniquely built to address new urban needs. With a design inspired by open identification badges and and the build quality you’ve come to expect from Dango, the M1 Maverick Rail is a new and even more efficient wallet for EDC.

While the M1 Rail takes design cues from Dango’s other wallets, the new patent pending quick release rail mechanism is a new system that gives this model its name. On the “open” side of the M1, a pair of flexible prongs act as the securing structure to hold 4 of your most-used cards, while allowing you to easily slide and pop them out as needed. This side of the wallet allows RFID transmission, which makes it easy to use your regular workplace and commuter cards. The other side of the M1 has space for 5 cards along with an aluminum backplate that encapsulates the section and gives it RFID protection. A silicone band gives the sides grip and gives the rear section extra lockdown as well as a space to slot in more cards and folded cash.

Like many of Dango’s newer wallets, the M1 Rail is compatible with the stainless steel MT04 multi-tool, which gives you 10 different EDC-essential functions including sharpened edges for cutting, a bottle opener, hex wrenches, and a pry tool. When you have to fly, take the MT04 out and the M1 Rail becomes TSA-compliant. The M1 Rail itself as well as its backplate are CNC-machined from 6061 anodized aluminum giving it a light weight in spite of its beefy profile. As an extra EDC option, the wallet’s corners offer attachment points for a lanyard or Dango’s own tether products.

The Dango M1 Rail wallet is every bit the modern high-performance wallet, offering convenience, security, and made in the USA build quality that sets it apart from other minimalist options. Check it out in your choice of two colors at Dango’s site at the link below.

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