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When it comes to EDC, durability never goes out of style. Case in point: Dango’s newest M2 Maverick wallet. It improves upon the bombproof, CNC-machined aluminum chassis from their flagship vertical wallet with a hand-polished, nickel-plated finish. It not only adds luxe looks and a premium feel, but it also makes this functional pocket bling even tougher thanks to the nickel plating’s high hardness. If you’re looking to dress up your carry, slim down your pockets, and make a statement all in one go, the Dango M2 is built for the task.

To keep things fast and light, the M2 Maverick sports a single pocket design with three leather variations to choose from: Jet Black, Whiskey Brown, and Raw Leather. The single pocket features an elongated thumb slot in its top grain leather section to more easily slide out your cards. The pocket holds around 4 of your most frequently used cards, while an RFID-blocking cavity on the reverse side ups the total capacity to 10 cards. A sturdy silicone strap holds it all together and keeps cash and overflow in its place. For such a slim wallet, you’re not sacrificing much capacity to keep bulk to a minimum.

The standout feature of the M2 lies right at the surface: a premium nickel-plated coating that’s polished by hand to a mirror finish. It adds a cool, slick contrast to the leather section’s organic feel, all while upping the durability with its enhanced hardness. And while the M2 easily slips into a pocket, it offers many more carry options thanks to four loop holes at the corners of its aluminum chassis. You can use them as attachment points for straps, lanyards, keychains, and tethers depending on where, how, and with what you choose to carry it. For a truly maxed-out setup, you can pair the M2 with Dango’s MT04 card-sized multi-tool as a sleek way to cover your bases. Be sure to check out all three variants of Dango’s high-end, made-in-USA flagship wallet at the link below.

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