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Some of the greatest ideas in human history started out as a simple note on a piece of paper. It’s one of the many reasons why EDCers like to have a pen on them at all times. To support that innovative and pioneering spirit, the Dango P01 Pioneer DTEX Travel Wallet integrates a handy pen and notebook into its modular frame. With its ability to carry even a passport in its multi-positioned clasp enclosure in addition to a slew of internal organization options, this versatile bifold lets you take along the essentials you need to be prepared, functional, and creative every day, everywhere.

While the original P01 Pioneer Wallet was made with fine, genuine Italian vegetable tanned leather, this new version uses the brand’s own innovative DTEX material. It’s a non-leather material developed for durability, water resistance, and abrasion resistance. The textured surface gives it a premium tactile feel and neatly hides the scuffs and scratches of regular use. The material is cut and sewn by hand to ensure a precise fit and quality with each wallet shipped.

Built-in pen and notebook slots set the P01 apart, allowing it to carry a Dango Pen as well as a 48-page, 2.5″ x 3.75″ mini notebook. The pen is CNC-machined from 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum and anodized for a durable silver or black finish. Inside it carries the smooth-flowing, write-anywhere Schmidt 4889M ball point pressurized ink refill that keeps writing even when upside down, in extreme temperatures, or on rough and difficult surfaces. The pen cap and barrel lock into the P01’s pen slot, and the included lanyard makes it easy to pull out the pen when you need to sign a document, leave a quick note, or jot down ideas from your latest eureka moment.

Outside the wallet there’s a zippered pouch to store flat, loose items like spare change, keys, memory cards, or emergency adhesive bandages. Inside, there’s multiple pockets for cards and other small items. A flip-out D-ring lets you attach a tether, chain, or your keys to the P01. To close the wallet and secure it during transit,  it comes with Dango’s MT01 Clasp Multi-tool. Made of durable, high carbon stainless steel, the MT01 lets you carry a mini bottle opener, chisel, 1/4″ hex socket, plus a standard and Philips screwdriver while also securing the wallet shut. In case you don’t want to use it as a wallet clasp, it’s removable and stows neatly into one of the P01’s interior slots.

With its tough new exterior, the Dango P01 Pioneer DTEX Travel Wallet ensures you’re always ready for your everyday transactions and prepared for when and where your next great idea strikes—all within a robust, compact, and pocketable frame. It comes with your choice of a silver or black Dango Pen, or even without one if you already have a favorite compact pen to use with it. Check out this sturdy and versatile offering from Dango at the link below.

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