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Your EDC essentials like your keys or your wallet will do you little good if they fall out of your pockets when you least expect it. You might think you’d be able to tell when that happens, but distractions are a frequent occurrence, and this kind of loss happens even to the best of us. To help prevent this from happening, Dango has made a new Pocket Clip XL, which operates both as a hook to attach items to your belt, and as a clip to hold items fast to your pocket like a pen or a knife. And while they are designed to work seamlessly with Dango’s extensive line of versatile minimalist travel and bifold wallets, the Dango Pocket Clip XL is a useful tool in and of itself that has a place in everyday carry ensemble.

As its name implies, the Pocket Clip XL is a sized up version of Dango’s previous Pocket Clip. The original Pocket Clip was smaller in length and was compatible with Dango’s smaller M-Series wallets. The new Pocket Clip XL features a more convenient and versatile length that makes it work with the full series of wallets in their catalog, including the new P01 Travel Wallet. But don’t think that the bigger size makes it too heavy for EDC use: its lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy and stainless steel construction doesn’t add too much bulk to your pockets, and the end result is a small price to pay for security.

Slide it onto the Dango wallet of your choice and you can secure it to your pants pockets without too much fuss. Attach a keychain of your choice and keep your essential access keys on your person at all times. There’s a bottle opener built into the frame of the hook, and the larger size of the Pocket Clip XL also allows it to operate as a standalone cash and card clip too.

With the Dango Pocket Clip XL, you can help prevent being stuck like a fish out of water without your keys or your wallet at the worst possible moment. Its smart design and compatibility with Dango’s system makes it a no-brainer if you already have one in your front pocket, but its unique and seriously-useful design has merits that make it a compelling choice even if you don’t. Find out more about the new Dango Pocket Clip XL today and make one yours now by purchasing it at the link below.

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