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Whenever you arrive home and start to relax from a day at work, emptying your pockets is usually the last order of business. But like the carefully selected tools in your EDC, your gear also needs the right place to settle down for the day. The last thing you want is to misplace or damage your essentials by dumping them onto any old shelf or tray. Dango’s new Side Tray gives you a perfect place to park and display your gear, thanks to a sleek design and solid construction. It’s the latest in their expanding line of trays, in the pursuit of best storing and organizing your EDC.

The Dango Side Tray is CNC-machined from solid 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum, giving it the strength to hold your everyday carry and stand up to years of use. This construction not only makes it durable, but gives it enough heft to avoid accidental slips on surfaces. It also comes with anti-slip rubber footing on the bottom to provide it with even more grip and traction, keeping it safe on top of your desk, nightstand, or workbench.

The Side Tray features two sizable compartments with plenty of room to place a lot of your essentials. The larger compartment can hold your bigger gear like your phone, wallet, knife, and multi-tool. A cutout on one end lets a cable pass through so you can also charge your phone. The smaller compartment was designed to hold smaller items like your keychain, flashlights, pens, and loose change. Both compartments feature rounded edges so you can retrieve pesky flat items like coins and cards that might otherwise prove difficult to lift on their own.

You can order the Side Tray alone or with additional protective pads made out of Dango’s proprietary non-leather, highly durable, and water-resistant DTEX material. Its anti-slip properties also help you avoid damage to your EDC when you accidentally bump into your table at night. These cut-to-fit pads also give additional cushioning, protecting your more delicate gear from sliding and scratches while on the tray itself. And if you need even more room than the Side Tray, Dango has you covered. Their larger EDC Tray features four compartments instead of two, a dedicated cable pass-through underneath the tray, a pen holder, and a built-in stand for a tablet.

Check out Dango’s ever-growing made in the USA tray line and start organizing your EDC at the link below.

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