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If there’s one sure sign of quality in your EDC wallet, it’d have to be the leather. In that aspect, it’s hard to beat vegetable-tanned leather. It’s made through a natural process resulting in a superior product with a luxe feel that only gets better with age. So if you want that broken-in leather feel, you should EDC a wallet that’s built to last with all the everyday features you’d want. The C01 and P01 wallets from Dango are prime examples of this, built in the USA from vegetable-tan leather in modern, feature-packed designs.

With the C01, you get a minimalist wallet that can carry up to 10 cards and some folded cash. It also features a 6061 aluminum tab that helps you attach it to your belt or to your other gear so that it doesn’t get lost. It’s even compatible with Dango’s special multi-tool frame, if you need more functionality. Plus, the vegetable-tanned leather covering the exterior balances out the wallet well. The result is a modern minimalist wallet with a traditional aesthetic appeal.

For those who need more space and functionality, the P01 bifold may work better. The P01 has enough space for 20 cards and some folded cash. But its compatibility with Dango’s pen and paper system makes this wallet more useful for EDC. It can function both as your wallet and your notebook cover. The beauty of the vegetable-tanned leather used to make the wallet only makes it better.

As another sign of quality, Dango makes all their products by hand in San Francisco. They’re also highly functional, designed to address your everyday carry needs. And of course, thanks to the vegetable-tanned leather, you can enjoy the unique patina of the wallet as it evolves with the rest of your EDC. Now’s a great time to pick up a veg-tan wallet from Dango for $10 off as they’re on sale until April 22nd in celebration of Earth month, too. Check them out at the link below.

Buy C01 ($39) | Buy P01 ($99)

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