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Thrower flashlights are some of the most vital tools you’d want in any EDC. Capable of “throwing” a high-powered beam the length of several football fields, their use case scenarios range from added safety on simple late-night walks to property management where you’d need to cover some serious distance for security sweeps.

It wasn’t that long ago when bulky, heavy torches were the only flashlights capable of sustaining the power needed to cover long distances. So when something like the EpicForged DART Mini Pocket Thrower from Dapper Designs comes along, you can appreciate how far the technology has progressed. At just 3.35” and weighing a mere 4.16 oz, DART’s OSRAM LED emitter packs a maximum output of 720 lumens at 89,600 candela with a beam that can reach a distance of up to 600 meters through a PMMA TIR lens. That’s a lot of power for a light you can easily fit in your palm or clip to your bag, backpack, or pocket. You can also attach it to a metal surface via the magnetic tail cap for hands-free use.

The DART also features eight lighting modes to suit a variety of situations, including Moonlight, Turbo, Strobe, Beacon, and SOS. You can cycle through these modes by holding or clicking the power button, with mode memory when the light is switched off, letting you start from the same mode (and saving yourself from potential self-blinding) when you use it again.

A replaceable 1100mAh 18350 lithium-ion battery supplies the DART’s power, which can recharge with the included magnetic charging cable or through a third-party lithium-ion battery charger. An optional battery extension tube allows the DART to use a larger 18650 battery if you need to use the light longer than the rated 12-hour runtime on low and 1 hour and 10 minutes runtime on maximum output.

Highly versatile while remaining compact and portable, the EpicForged DART Mini Pocket Thrower is an affordable and practical light that would be a great addition to your EDC. Pick yours up at the link below.

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