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Leatherman multi-tools are some of the best and most popular tools to EDC, covering your bases from your keychain all the way to your workshop. If you’re in the market for a new one to cover your bases, now is the best time to pick up Leatherman’s latest and greatest. Our friends at Blade HQ are currently running a big sale on the most popular and useful multi-tools for EDC, and we’ve picked out some of our favorite ones below to help you get started.

Leatherman FREE P4

The P4 comes with some of the best Leatherman has to offer, and the most out of the entire FREE line. 21 functions reside in its handles, standing toe to toe with some of their other flagship models. This includes the iconic needlenose/regular pliers, replaceable 154CM hard wire cutters, a complement of drivers and openers, and assorted useful tools like spring-action scissors, a file, and an awl. For cutting, you get a full array of slicers, from a box cutter to your choice of 3 420HC blades (plain, serrated, and a saw). All the tools deploy with the FREE’s signature magnetic system paired with what Leatherman calls “epic haptic” clicks which give a more tactile experience when using the P4.

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Leatherman Skeletool CX

Thanks to a functional design and lightweight build, The Skeletool CX hits that sweet spot for anyone looking to EDC both a multi-tool and a competent folding knife. Despite its small size, it packs a punch. Thanks to its compact, skeletonized body it manages to weigh only 5 ounces for ease of carry. You can also access all the tools with one hand, making it perfect for the solo handyman. A key Skeletool feature is its heavy-duty 154CM blade with a wharncliffe shape for precision cuts. Its other tools include wire cutters, pliers, and and a carabiner/bottle opener which lets you attach it to a pack or pop open a beverage rounding out its complement of everyday essentials.

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Leatherman FREE T4

The FREE T4 brings 12 functions to bear in a 3.6“, 4.3 oz package. Many familiar tools from the FREE P-Series make an appearance, such as a 420HC knife, spring-action scissors, an assortment of drivers, openers, a heavy-duty file, and even a detachable pair of tweezers. You can deploy all the tools one-handed thanks to the FREE’s magnetic architecture and cam lock system, making them buttery smooth to open, locked in place while in use, and as easy to close up when you’re finished with your tasks. And when you’re ready to grab the T4 and go, its included and removable pocket clip gives it a secure spot in your EDC.

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Leatherman Style PS

It’s easy to forget about Leatherman’s smaller offerings with their larger tools in the spotlight, but the Style PS continues to punch above its weight as one of their premiere keychain tools. It’s designed to be TSA-compliant with its scissors instead of a blade, and comes with 6 functions to cover your bases, including a small set of pliers, a file/driver, tweezers and a handy carabiner/bottle opener for stowing on your keychain or belt loop.

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Leatherman MUT

The Leatherman MUT (Military Utility Tool) was originally designed for equipment and firearm maintenance on the range, during hunting, or out in the field. But with a sturdy build and 16 robust tools, it’s more than enough to handle EDC duty as well. At 11.2 ounces, it’s a heavy duty tool meant to survive hard use and extreme conditions. Specialized tools like the combination bolt override tool/seatbelt cutter/hammer, a replaceable bronze scraper for cleaning carbon buildup, and a firearm disassembly punch give the MUT the apt designation for military utility. Needlenose and regular pliers cover ther rest of your bases, complemented by Leatherman’s signature replaceable wire cutters. A saw and a partially serrated 420HC stainless steel knife take care of your cutting needs, while a combination carabiner and bottle opener round out the usual multi-tool inclusions.

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