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Multitools can be a useful part of many an EDC, but the sheer size of of some of them can make it hard to justify carrying them around everyday. One solution is to carry something much smaller, like a card multitool that can fit in a standard wallet or pants pocket. Many card-sized tools miss the mark in terms of actual EDC performance by trading durability and strength for a slimmer form factor. That’s not a problem with the new MultiCard by Disc, which is precision-machined out of solid titanium to make a sturdy yet lightweight tool that’s up to the task of getting essential EDC tasks done quick.

Where lesser credit-card sized multitools are made of flimsy base metals, the premium version of the Disc MultiCard is precision CNC milled out of Grade 2 aerospace titanium, which is designed to be both lightweight and strong. Indeed, at just 1.55 ounces it won’t weigh you down that much more than a standard credit card.

The durability of the titanium makeup of the tool makes the rest of its smart design truly shine. You can tackle 21 different tasks with the MultiCard in hand, from measuring, driving standard bits, opening up hex screws, filing away material, opening up cans, cutting through tape on packages, and prying items apart to name a few. But because there are no actual knife-sharp edges, it’s TSA-compliant and ready to go even if you travel by air frequently.

For three years now Disc has built up a solid track record delivering on useful everyday carry tools and gadgets that make your life easy, and the new MultiCard is their next exciting entry into the space. Its small size masks just how much you can do with it. And even the more economical variant of the tool made out of stainless steel can do a solid job as part of your own everyday carry. With a pledge today on their fully-funded Kickstarter, you can secure a MultiCard of your own today. Check it out now at the link below.

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