Distil Union Wally Micro

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Distil Union and their signature minimalist wallets featuring a handy pull tab have pulled in three successful Kickstarter runs to date. Their newest creation, the Wally Micro, brings a few more features to the table while weighing a whole lot less than the titanium sleeve wallets gaining popularity with the EDC crowd. Barely larger than a credit card, the Wally Micro secures up to 10 cards and folded cash with a reinforced elastic band. Distil Union’s signature tab is front and center on the Wally Micro. This makes it accessible and easy to find in a pocket, and smoothly retrieves your essentials with a quick pull. The wallet is made of double-sided, vegetable-tanned Italian leather, which gives both a pleasant feel in hand and longterm durability. If you’re tired of the mainstream metal money clips, you can pledge for one of 7 reversible (and fun) color combinations over on their Kickstarter page.

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