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8 Graduation Gift Ideas for Practical Guys

Bernard Capulong
8 Graduation Gift Ideas for Practical Guys

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School's out! (Finally…) And it's graduation season. Graduating—and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it—is awesome. Navigating the next chapter of adulthood? Not so much… But a set of fresh gear always helps.

So for the new graduates in your life, get 'em a gift that they'll enjoy right now, and every day thereafter. One that says "Hey, you did it! Here's something for the next milestone." Something that makes adulting even a tiny bit easier.

Whether they go on to make you proud as an urban professional, an artist, an entrepreneur, an athlete, an adventurer, or everything in between, these graduation gifts would be awesome additions to their EDC.

EDC Gear and Graduation Gift Ideas for Him

Retro51 Hex-o-matic

School might be out, but the learning doesn’t stop there. A quality pen is an excellent reminder of that, whether it’s to use at their next job or to pursue their creative projects. The Hex-o-matic from Retro51 is probably a step up from what your new grad used in class, both in function and form, retro-chic aesthetic and all. With its hexagonal metal barrel, knurled grip section, and precision-tip ball point, it’s not just a pen. It’s a technical writing instrument.

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The County by The James Brand

With graduation being a coming-of-age time in one's life, a modern, yet timeless knife is a useful tool to have for their everyday, and a great gift to hold onto. The County is a traditional slipjoint folder that combines both classic design and operation with sleek, modern lines and materials. Its wood handles are made of smooth walnut, while its 2.5” 416 stainless steel blade is discreet without sacrificing utility. It's a knife designed to look and perform like a new knife, yet carry on as an heirloom they won’t outgrow. The County is a knife that will certainly see more than one graduation in its lifetime.

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Seiko SKA371 aka The BFK

The right wristwatch is essential for new grads entering the working world: it says “I value my time, and yours.” It shows they’re dependable (or at least, try to be) and they're on top of it all. The Seiko BFK makes that impression in a big way. The B, by the way, stands for “big,” which perfectly sums up this 42mm diver. The K is short for Kinetic, which describes its Japanese quartz movement. The F stands for… well, we’ll let you figure that one out. Strong features, like its 200m water resistance, lume hands and markers, Hardlex crystal, and stainless steel bracelet, make this watch built for more than just desk diving.

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Capsule Minimalist Wallet

Minimalist wallets are good, elegant ones made of Italian cowhide leather are even better. Capsule's Minimalist wallet is expertly made by hand and crafted to strict European compliance and quality standards, resulting in a luxury wallet feel that’s still undeniably utilitarian. It features a quick-access slot and center pocket that hold up to six cards, with Capsule’s one-of-a-kind reinforced leather strap for holding cash on the back. The vegan leather itself is waxed, has a burnished edge finish, and features reinforced stress point stitching to ensure protection and resistance, while aging gracefully over time with a patina. The Capsule minimalist wallet packs light, can be dressed up or down, and fits right into any EDC.

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Ray-Ban Folding Clubmaster Sunglasses

Their future is bright. Get 'em some shades. Ray-Ban's best known for their casual Wayfarers and iconic Aviators, but their Clubmasters are criminally slept on. They're stylish, understated, and mix metal and plastic in a unique design that fits with every outfit or excursion. This foldable version is even better for EDC, especially if you're off traveling or just plain enjoying the summer.

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GoPro HERO Session Camera

Action cameras, like their name suggest, are there to both capture the moment and to keep your loved ones entertained by whatever exciting adventure comes next. GoPro's HERO Session is simple, compact, and waterproof, making it rugged enough to carry with you everywhere and tough enough to do everything right along with you. One-button operation and high-definition recording ensure recording is easy and output is crystal clear.

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Fitbit Alta

Life as a student comes with its fair share of… less than healthy habits, whether it’s pulling all-nighters or stress eating during finals week. To keep your graduate healthy and fit during their prime years, some high tech assistance can’t hurt. The Alta is one of the newest offerings from the fitness tracker experts at Fitbit. It also happens to be one of their most stylish and minimal, serving up the usual fitness metrics and smartphone notifications in a wearable fit for any occasion.

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DEFY Recon Mini Messenger Bag

You probably won't need a full-sized backpack for that new daily commute. So how about a grown-up bag that’s tough enough for EDC, but also low-profile enough for both work and travel? DEFY’s Recon Mini messenger bag isn't your ratty, saggy, high school backpack. Its outer material is M35 vinyl/canvas, the same one used in military tarpaulin. Its hardware is also as heavy-duty as it comes, packing solid steel and brass AustriAlpin Cobra Quick Release buckles used in the field. This is definitely one bag to start your adult journey with, and will age and see you through to the rest of it.

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If you found the perfect graduation gift from this guide (or you're a new graduate hoping to drop a hint…), please share it with your friends and followers—you might be doing them a favor too!

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That watch seems pretty cool. I'm going to need a good watch for EMS.
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My stepdaughter Rebecca. She took her PhD yesterday, we have her A sunpowered powerbank of 20000 mAh as A graduation present since she will be living on Bali with her family.
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That bag looks sharp.