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With internet banking, cryptocurrencies, and wallet apps on your smartphone taking over most—if not all—of your transactions, the cashless future is upon us. And with fewer reasons to carry cash around, traditional bulky wallets are becoming extinct. However, modern minimalist wallets aren’t just about reducing bulk. The name of the game is access—getting exactly what you need in the quickest way possible. Ekster became known for their reinvention of the classic bifold into a slim cash carrier with an easy card access push button. Now, they offer a pared down cardholder wallet that minimizes bulk but doesn’t cut corners on features.

The Ekster Aluminum Cardholder Wallet presents a sleek, lightweight, and durable alternative to leather front pocket wallets. Made from tough, aerospace-grade aluminum, it encases up to 12 of your cards in an RFID-blocking compartment. This slim cardholder remains one of the thinnest in the market today, and lets you carry your cards and bills in a package that’s tough enough to withstand the weight of a car without denting. Beyond protecting your cards, it plays the access game well: a push of the button at the bottom of the wallet fans your cards out like a switchblade, giving you quick and easy access to the one you need.

This quick access feature eliminates the need to fumble and flip through your cards to get the one you need at the moment. This can save you minutes everyday during your regular transactions. And if you need to expand your carry capacity, the modular nature of the Ekster Aluminum Cardholder Wallet allows you to take along cash and extra cards. The removable cash strap also gives you the option of carrying bills within easy reach. A removable aluminum backplate lets you carry even more cards outside of the wallet. It provides a thin yet tough barrier to protect them from exposure and damage during transit.

As an EDC staple, your wallet should be easy to use and tough enough to keep up with you. The Ekster Aluminum Cardholder, with its slim yet durable construction, modular expandability, and immediate access to your cards presents a solid option for a modern front pocket solution. Check out all five different color options at the link below.

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