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EDC isn’t solely about what we carry—how we carry it all is just as important. Take your keys for example. They’re something you wouldn’t leave the house without, but they come with their own set of problems: they’re clunky, noisy, and messy compared to the rest of your carry. That’s why we’re huge fans of Orbitkey and how their key organizers solve a problem almost all EDCers have in a simple, elegant, and design-centric way—like all great EDC gear should. We’re so excited to announce our take on the Orbitkey Key Organizer with this limited edition collaboration, designed with all of you EDCers in mind. Fitted with a mix of 1050D Ballistic and 500D Cordura nylon in a one-of-a-kind, monochrome digital camouflage print, it’s dialed with the right materials, look, and feel to be a worthy addition to your everyday carry.

The Orbitkey key organizer takes something as complex as your jangled mess of keys and simplifies it into one sleek and silent package with an impressively simple design. A single post holds 2-7 keys stacked together, held in place by Orbitkey’s signature stainless steel locking mechanism. The stainless steel construction improves durability and helps prevent stripping screws when dialing the pivot to your preferred tension. Once set, you can simply swivel keys out or tuck them back into place—smoothly, silently, and consistently. The pivot’s concave shape not only reduces bulk, but it improves ergonomics when gripping the Orbitkey while turning a key as well. A flexible band loops around the stack of keys to provide structure and protection in a comfortable-to-carry enclosure that won’t scratch whatever else is in your pockets. Finally, an included and removable D-ring lets you attach the Orbitkey to a split ring for a full keychain setup or pairing with your car key.

For this EDC-specific collaboration, we chose tried-and-true materials you’re probably already familiar with from tactical bags and pouches to make up the band. As Orbitkey’s first-ever nylon organizer, this version features a heavy-duty 1050D Ballistic nylon exterior and a 500D Cordura nylon interior. Densely woven 1050D Ballistic nylon makes for an excellent outer material because of its impressive durability, abrasion-resistance, and weatherproofness to protect something as important as your keys from day-to-day wear. We opted for a lighter weight 500D Cordura nylon on the interior to cut down on bulk and offer better flexibility to mold to your keys without feeling flimsy.

In addition to offering the excellent material properties of Ballistic and Cordura nylon, we designed this Orbitkey to match the urban EDC aesthetic. We cooked up a custom digital camouflage print that’s unique to each unit—meaning no two key organizers will look the same—making them one-of-a-kind, just like your own EDC. The monochrome digicam print is our way of giving a nod to the influence of tactical gear in the EDC community while styling it for a modern, urban lifestyle. And as a final detail, you’ll find subtle Orbitkey and EverydayCarry.com branding on the inside of the band, keeping in line with our low-profile approach.

You can pick up your very own limited edition EverydayCarry.com x Orbitkey organizer as well as other compatible add-ons like a multi-tool or USB drive from the link below.

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