Everyman Grafton Crimson Mini and Mini Twist

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Everyman has been delivering high quality, thoughtfully designed products via consecutive successful Kickstarter campaigns over the past few years. Their Everyman Grafton Pen is a value-packed, buy-for-life design that has won many EDCers over with its functionality, durability, and accessible price, and even this year found its way into fresh new colorways to carry. With their latest release, Everyman dials up the EDC factor of their pens by taking their size down a few notches, offering the new Grafton Mini and Mini Twist in a striking Crimson colorway.

The Grafton Crimson Mini takes the same great design language and features of its bigger brother, scaled down to just over 5“ in length and weighing in at 1 ounce. It makes for a convenient, compact pen that’s light enough for less fatigue over extended writing sessions, while still having enough heft for a satisfying feel in hand. The writing experience gets better thanks to the pen’s deep, machined grooves that provide a secure grip on this otherwise slim jotter. And while its attractive design and bright color might make it look like this pen is only for show, its heavy duty clip and construction would beg to differ. The body is made of 100% anodized 6061 aluminum, making it tough enough for everyday use but light enough for comfortable EDC in the pocket.

Out of the box, the pen comes with a black 0.7mm Everyman Grafton Refill Cartridge, which provides you with a smooth writing experience. However, if you prefer other refills, it’s also compatible with Fisher Space Pen refills (Medium, Fine, or Bold), Rite in the Rain refills, Parker ballpoint or gel refills, and many more, with the exception of Pilot G2 refills.

You get to pick between two different styles of deployment, so you can pick the one that better suits your preference. You have the option for the regular Grafton Crimson Mini, which features a satisfying clicking mechanism to deploy the cartridge and is slightly shorter than the Mini Twist. Alternatively and as its name suggests, the Mini Twist requires you to twist the body for the cartridge to deploy, in a sleeker, quitter profile.

If you’re looking for a handsome pen with versatile performance on the page and in the pocket, sturdy construction, and a price point that wont break the bank, both the Crimson Mini and the Mini Twist bring a lot of value to the table. Check them out at Everyman’s site at the link below.

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