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Digital wallets aren’t quite the norm yet, but they could soon impact how and what you carry everyday. In the meantime, the eyn iPhone wallet case is a good place to start if you’re looking to phase out your wallet. It has a hinged compartment on the back that lets you stash cash and up to three cards. Besides replacing your wallet, it also acts as a protective case for your iPhone. For extra security, it’s got a grippy, rubberized coating and a wrist strap just to be safe. Lastly, its hinged back design doubles as a kickstand when watching videos or making video calls. If you’re not entirely comfortable with completely replacing your wallet or purse, you can always use it for just the bare essentials. Leaving town? Bring a wallet. But for your average outings, this wallet case could get the job done. If you’re looking for another way to carry less, you can pick up the Eyn iPhone wallet case at our store via the link below.


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