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12 Face Masks from EDC Manufacturers

Jonathan Tayag
12 Face Masks from EDC Manufacturers

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By now it’s clear that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed our daily lives and our daily carries. All over the world, facemasks have become an essential item in an effort to help stop further spread of this novel coronavirus. Even more recently as some jurisdictions move towards reopening their economies and easing some lockdown measures, facemasks are still recommended (and in some states and jurisdictions, required by law) when in public situations where keeping a safe distance may not be possible. Some private businesses have policies in place requiring patrons to wear a mask to access services or enter buildings, too.

As the need for masks has increased with these changing times, a few EDC manufacturers are stepping up to the challenge by offering their own design expertise and manufacturing capability to produce face masks that are a cut above simply tying a bandana around your face. The best part is some of them have even resolved to donate all or a portion of the proceeds from their mask sales to causes and organizations at the frontline fighting the disease. Others are providing masks to essential workers in need of personal protective equipment (PPE).

If you’re looking to pick up a face mask of your own in these trying times, being able to pick up a well-designed, American-made, EDC-centric mask that helps people out at the same time is the best choice. And even if you have one of your own currently, having more than one is important for both cleanliness and the ability to change up your look as well. To help you find these masks, we’ve put together this guide to help you find good everyday carry face masks from EDC manufacturers that are going above and beyond in this historic moment.

Topo Designs Face Mask

You probably know Topo Designs for their line of quality everyday carry bags, accessories, and outdoors apparel. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, they partnered with the State of Colorado and the Colorado Mask to manufacture masks for essential workers and vulnerable people who have limited access to PPE. They’re also making a selection of their facemasks featuring a polyester/cotton mix, bendable nose strip for comfort, and an interior pocket that allows for an air filter insert. A portion of the proceeds from each mask purchase also helps towards donating more masks where they’re needed, and Topo Designs has been able to provide over 10,000 masks to the cause so far.

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DSPTCH Face Covering

DSPTCH makes EDC bags and camera straps with an eye towards smart use of technical fabrics and innovative hardware. They’re also located in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is one of the first places to lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. DSPTCH shifted production into building their own unique take on a public safety face mask, featuring rip-stop fabric and a convenient bandana-style strap that allows for easy adjustment and removal thanks to the magnetic fidlock closure. That closing mechanism is removable, and you can use it on other mask designs that normally sit around your ears as well. 100% of the proceeds from each mask purchase go to donations to local Bay Area non-profits that help people in need, and the mask itself is available in small, medium, and large sizes to suit your needs.

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SKD Tactical Multicam Masks

SKD Tactical has been making and selling quality EDC tactical gear including hard-use nylon combat gear, apparel, and armor since 1999, and during these trying times they are fashioning traditional cloth tie masks featuring NYCO ripstop material and BDU pant leg ties here in the United States. As fitting the source material for the masks, they’re available in Multicam and Multicam Arid camo designs, and 100% of the proceeds from mask sales go to Team Rubicon, a veteran service organization that provides disaster relief services.

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Hyer Goods Fashion Textile Masks

Hyer Goods makes a sustainable collection of small leather goods and purses, but during the pandemic they’ve shifted production towards putting together a line of fashionable traditional cloth-tie masks in a variety of materials and designs, including grey chambray cotton, gingham, and even leopard print. And with each mask purchase, they donate a mask to an essential worker in need. Additionally, in the month of may, they are donating the proceeds of all sales on their website to No Kid Hungry, which goes towards feeding children in need while public schools remain closed to minimize the spread of the coronavirus.

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Casetify Reusable Cloth Mask

Casetify makes everyday tech accessories including phone, tablet, and laptop cases, as well as bands for the Apple Watch. When the coronavirus hit, they partnered with Direct Relief to manufacture reusable cloth masks to help with PPE shortages. Their masks come in four different colors, and each one comes with two air filters for added protection. They aren’t rated like actual N95 masks, however, but they’re certainly better than nothing at all. Plus, each purchase of a mask means another one gets donated to Direct Relief, and they’ve been able to donate over 35,000 surgical masks to the effort thus far.

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Tom Bihn Reusable Cloth Face Mask

Tom Bihn is known for their quality everyday carry travel bags and backpacks, and during the coronavirus crisis, they’ve shifted production towards making reusable cloth face masks for first responders and other essential workers. They’ve designed this mask for easy one-size-fits-most fit with a bendable nose bridge and comfortable ear loops for long-term wear. They also donate one mask for each mask purchased; and if you prefer, you can simply donate to that effort if you don’t need a mask yourself. They’re currently sold out right now, but they’ll have a re-stock of masks on May 26, so check them out later when you can.

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Phunkshun Wear PH Face Covering

Unlike a lot of EDC and outdoors manufacturers during the coronavirus crisis who had to shift production towards making something completely new, Phunkshun Wear has been making performance face coverings for snowsport use since 2011. That expertise allows them to leverage their design language into a new functional yet fashionable face masks for public health which features UPF 50 sun protection, moisture wicking material for hotter conditions, and smart braided elastic tensioners that make for a comfortable fit even during extended use. Their masks are available in two different sizes and 27 different colorways, so you can choose what suits your style. They’ve been putting these together using recycled plastic in Colorado since April, and they’ve been donating masks on a 1:1 basis to the State of Colorado for distribution where it’s best needed during this pandemic.

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Recycled Firefighter USA Made Cotton Mask

Recycled Firefighter is a company based out of Kentucky that has been making quality EDC bags, wallets, and other accessories using durable materials sourced from surplus firefighter gear with hard use in mind. Since the pandemic hit, they’ve started putting together traditional cloth-tie masks with good coverage from nose to chin using cotton jersey fabric and milspec bindings for durability. There’s an 18-gauge plastic insert at the nose for form fitting comfort and it’s available in black, grey, and three different camo colorways to suit your style. If you prefer a mask that fits around your ears instead, they also make a simple cotton mask, and a portion of all sales go toward a children’s burn unit and fire safety programs run by Kosair.

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Birdwell Beach Britches Birdie Reversible Mask

Birdwell Beach Britches has been making beach and leisure oriented accessories and apparel in Southern California since 1961, and in these historic times they have started making traditional cloth-tie masks with a bent around the nose for better fit than what you can get with cheap disposable masks made abroad. They’re also reversible, and made of breathable SurfStretch fabric for extended comfort. With each mask purchase, they donate a mask to CORE, a non-profit that’s working to provide free drive-through testing for high-risk individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Caraa Masks

Caraa has been making stylish totes, duffels, purses, and leather goods since 2015 in New York City. Situated at the heart of the biggest coronavirus epicenter in the United States, Caraa stepped up and shifted production and materials towards making masks to help combat the rampaging disease. They have a wide variety of repurposed materials on hand, and their masks use a pretty-much random assortment of what’s available at the time. They’re reusable, hand-washable, and designed for comfort, with ear loops to hold the mask secure on your face as you go about your business. And with each mask purchase, they match with a donation to New York coronavirus relief efforts.

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So iLL Black Wolf Mask

If you’re into climbing, you might have heard of So iLL, a company formed around making accessories and apparel for the climbing sport. But in these trying times, they’ve put together a unique design for a textile mask that combines the security of a more traditional cloth-tie design with the elastic comfort and easy removal that elastic tie designs have (but without irritating your ears after extended use). The mask itself is also made out of 100% organic cotton, pre-shrunk so you won’t get surprises after you wash and sanitize it. Plus, each mask purchase helps to support the First Responders Children’s Foundation, and 1Climb, a non-profit that funds climbing walls for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

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Rockstar Volumes

Rockstar Volumes is a company that normally specializes in building durable features for climbing walls as well as hangboards for personal practice at home. And while they aren’t making traditional facemasks, they’re going a step further by making clear plastic faceshields that offer enhanced protection when used in combination with other forms of PPE. If you’re in need of these faceshields, you can buy them for yourself, but you can also donate them to first responders as well through their site.

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George ·
I like the new masks from STATGEAR. They have a bungie so it doesnt sit on your ears AND its easy to pull down, wear around your neck, then put back on, like when doing errands or going in/out of office
Jerry ·
Dango also have masks. Elastic headband instead of around the ear. Looks like plenty of room for a beard.
Rlavallee ·
It’s great. I have that one and I like it the most
Andrew ·
My favorite are my brown buffalo ones. Easily goes on and off and well made.
J.S. Leonard ·
Been wearing Birdwell Beach Britches for years, do when they dropped a mask I ordered one for me and one for the wifey. Typical solid made Birdwell product. I added cord locks to ours for ease of donning. Birdwell offers allot of different patterns of faberic, so you can get one that matches your style or personality. I highly recommend this mask. ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Josh ·
I just received 3 masks I purchased from GoRuck. I’m washing them tonight so I can try one out. They’re not cheap, but they also do a 1/1 donation to frontline workers. Quality seems good at first glance.