FELTuL Eagle Bike Tool

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All you cyclists out there probably carry a multi-tool for maintaining your bike. Chances are, it’s got the same generic, bulky design with swiveling hex keys and wrenches you have to pull out to use. The FELTuL Eagle bike tool ditches the moving parts altogether for a simpler, sturdier, and more streamlined carry. 

Unlike those regular folding bike tools, the Eagle fits its 11+ functions in a single piece of grade 5 titanium. In its 5mm thin frame, you have access to different hex wrenches and keys, a spoke wrench, bit driver, and more. 

And despite its cyclist-focused design, the FELTuL Eagle is an EDCer’s tool at heart. It rounds out its feature set with general EDC functions like a bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, pry bar, and even some jimping on the side. Pledge for yours on Kickstarter soon, before its campaign ends on 2/21.

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