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Modern everyday carry flashlights come with an impressive set of light modes and output options, but sometimes it can feel like you have to learn how to do a special song and dance just to get to the settings you need. Depending on the light you choose, you’ll have to perform multiple button presses on a rear tailswitch or a side switch in order to manipulate the light, and that process can be time-consuming and confusing to say the least. That’s where lights with a rotary selector switch come in handy, like the one you can find on the brand new Fenix PD36 TAC. With its rotary selector switch, you can be sure at a glance just what mode the light is set to, and that’s just what you need especially in an emergency situation.

The Fenix PD36 TAC features an intuitive and tactile rotary switch that lets you switch between a simplified Tactical mode that allows for momentary High with a half-press, continuous High on click, and a Strobe mode when the tailswitch is held for 0.8 seconds. In Tactical mode the light operates at a fixed 2000 lumens.

Rotating the selector switch to Duty mode unlocks the light’s full suite of modes, from an Eco of 30 lumens for extended runtime and a Turbo that unlocks the full power of the Luminus SST70 LED module in the flashlight to its max of 3,000 lumens out the front. To prevent the light from going off and burning a literal hole in your pockets when you least expect it, the selector switch can also be turned to a lockout function that prevents use until you need it.

Brightness isn’t the only strong suit of the PD36 TAC, as it can throw out that beam to an impressive 898 feet, all powered by an included Fenix 21700 battery that features a USB-C charging port built right into the cell. The battery is also compatible with Fenix’s charging cradle, which is especially useful if you regularly swap batteries into other units on a regular basis. And with its reverse polarity protection it’s safe against inadvertent accidents caused by plugging the battery into the light the wrong way.

With its 1-meter impact resistance and IP68 waterproof rating, the Fenix PD36 TAC is ready to be your EDC light of choice. Its unique and intuitive design make it great for use in high-stress situations, while still offering the option for reliable everyday use. Check out the Fenix PD36 TAC at the link below.

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