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To tackle a problem, sometimes it’s best to approach it from the right angle. This is especially true when trying to shine a light on a task. Most flashlights have a limited range, which means they either have to be in your hands or standing like a candle, limiting their use to general situations. But a versatile angled flashlight like the new Fenix WT20R can light up the places other flashlights can’t—and do it hands-free, to boot. With task-oriented features and an adjustable head able to illuminate from any direction, the WT20R is a work light for getting the job done.

The WT20R’s first key feature is its shape. Rather than the usual cylinder, it comes in a 4.6“ long rectangular design that makes sense when paired with two of its unique usage cases. With its clip, it can lay flat hanging out out of a front pocket or work vest to angle its light in front of you, and with its magnetic tail it has more surface area to hold on to where it’s placed. Either method gives you 105 degrees of coverage thanks to the WT20R’s adjustable head. Speaking of, the design also allows for a side-by-side double Cree LED design within it, allowing more coverage with its output. A side switch controls both its three output levels (up to 400 lumens on High for 3.5 hours) and two modes, which lets you choose between a focused spotlight or a floodlight beam depending on the task at hand.

For power, the WT20R comes with a li-polymer battery pack which charges via an included micro USB cable, and also takes 2 x AA batteries for convenience and emergencies—but note that High isn’t available while under AA power. IP66-rated resistance rounds out the light’s resilience, plenty for most work environments or inclement weather. And carrying in-pocket or via its clip is no problem with its manageable 5.4 ounce weight with battery.

Get the job done from any approach with the Fenix WT20R, available at the Amazon link below.

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