Ferrum Forge Mini Archbishop 2.0

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It’s always exciting to see an EDC knifemaker improve one of their best knives with higher quality materials. Better blade steel in a great design offers fans a more premium option that will do the job even better than the original. The upgrade can also sway anyone who’s been sitting on the fence about purchasing an otherwise-solid everyday carry knife. Take the new Ferrum Forge Mini Archbishop 2.0 for example, which takes one of their original blade designs, gives it a modern Nitro-V blade steel treatment, and sizes it down to a more pocket-friendly EDC in the process.

At its heart, the Mini Archbishop 2.0 retains the stylish and ergonomic flipper design that made the original great, just sized down slightly to take up less space in your pockets. The index flipper tab turns into a guard against cutting finger on your own blade, while the G10 scaled handle fits your hand to provide a secure grip. But where the original knife featured a 9Cr13MoV stainless steel blade, the new Mini Archbishop 2.0 features a more modern Nitro-V stainless steel. Nitro-V has a composition that’s similar to AEB-L but with added nitrogen and vanadium to improve its edge performance while making it extremely resistant to corrosion even when it comes into contact with salt water. Equipped with this new steel, the slightly-smaller 2.75″ Mini Archbishop 2.0 is still able to cut like a bigger knife, and it’s more than ready to help you take on any EDC task you need to accomplish with it in hand.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade from the old Archbishop or you’re looking to make a step up in your knife EDC in general, the updated Ferrum Forge Mini Archbishop 2.0 is a great option. The use of Nitro-V places this knife firmly in the cutting edge of knife design, and whether you push the blade to its metallurgical and ergonomic limits or you just need it for light duty, the Mini Archbishop will serve you well. Buy one today at the link below.

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