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Between hi-tech, space age materials, high-quality leather, and minimalist marvels that are all but invisible, EDCers are spoiled for choice when it comes to wallets. But among all the options, few put the actual “wall” in wallet. Flipside Wallets took this to task and built one of the most unique and durable wallet series on the market, and now they’re taking it to the next level with the FlipsideKick. Designed to connect to and enhance your Flipside 3X or 4 wallet, the FlipsideKick combines the abilities of all of Flipside’s attachments into one simple platform. Whether you need more space for essentials, another way to segregate your cards, or simply looking for additional options to EDC, the FlipsideKick is a solid upgrade for your Flipside wallet.

Like the rest of Flipside wallets, the FlipsideKick is built from tough polycarbonate and molded to match the geometry of the 3X and 4. Line it up with the hinges of your wallet and it fits like a glove, adding 0.25“ to the overall thickness of either wallet. But it’s more than an extra slot to store cards in. Within the space is room for one of the following: 4 regular cards, 8 business cards, a 1 Tile Slim Bluetooth tracker and 1 card, or a combination of keys and coins with an optional drawer insert. The FlipsideKick is also RFID-friendly, which means commonly-used cards like a train card or access pass have a convenient slot to sit in outside of the regular wallet. And when it’s time for its contents to get used, an oversized thumb slot lets you pop out what you need with a simple slide.

In addition to the polycarbonate construction, the FlipsideKick features a molded rubber exterior to give your wallet some grip in hand or in pocket without being a lint magnet. And along the bottom are slots for a detachable mini lanyard that lets you hang extra essentials like a keychain or flashlight, or attach a lanyard to make it easier to stow and retrieve your Flipside wallet itself.

The FlipsideKick lives up to its name by giving your wallet the extra space and utility to fit your ever-changing needs. Pick it up in your choice of 4 colors from Flipside at the link below.

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