Fogo Adventure Gadget

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Everyday Carry is all about preparedness and using the right tool for the job. When in the wild or on the trail, this rings even more true. Fogo Digital out of Salt Lake City, UT hope to cover all your survival bases with their first Kickstarter project, the Fogo Adventure Gadget. This tool packs an incredible amount of features into a compact, bike-mountable frame: a full bicycle computer with all the essential tracking and sensors, as well as comms via digital walkie talkie, SmartCap. It’s even got EDC essentials like a 1000-lumen flashlight, GPS, and 6800 mAh USB backup battery. With all these features that not only help reduce your bag footprint, but also ensure your safety away from civilization, the Fogo Adventure Gadget could possibly be the most indispensable tool you can take with you outdoors.


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