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As a longtime fan of the revered G-SHOCK line, I can’t think of any other watch I’d rather have on an excursion involving unpredictable weather or high-impact activities. But even among the G-SHOCK family, there’s a distinction to be made between getting down and dirty and getting down and dirty. When the situation calls for taking toughness to the next level, the MUDMASTER collection steps in, with the G-SHOCK GWGB1000-3A as the family’s newest member.

The GWGB1000-3A is part of the Master of G line, a collection of G-SHOCK watches tailored for specific professions and activities. The MUDMASTER series, as the name suggests, is made for people who work or play in muddy and sandy conditions, such as rescue teams, rangers, and off-road drivers. The secret to the MUDMASTER’s extra level of toughness lies in how the 58.7mm case is constructed, giving it a unique structure that sets it apart from other G-SHOCK watches. Stainless steel protector parts are strategically placed at the 12 and 6 o’clock positions. These parts are specially treated with a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating to enhance their resistance against abrasions. To achieve their intricate shapes, the parts are meticulously crafted by forging and cutting metal components, while a different technique called metal injection molding creates the complex molded form of the front button guard. Carbon-fiber reinforced resin parts are also used at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions to protect the side buttons.

When paired with its durable carbon fiber-reinforced resin case, the MUDMASTER becomes a timepiece that truly stands out, offering unbeatable strength and exceptional longevity. However, it’s not all about being the toughest watch on the block. The MUDMASTER aligns with its eco-friendly values by incorporating bio-based resins in its case, bezel, and band, emphasizing G-SHOCK’s dedication to sustainability.

As the flagship model of the MUDMASTER series, the GWGB1000-3A boasts an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, a 3-hand analog dial with LCD, and a super illuminator double LED for high visibility. Triple sensors that measure compass bearing, altitude/barometric pressure, and temperature can help you navigate and monitor your surroundings and alert you of any changes in the weather. The watch also has a solar-powered battery that can be charged by light and a unique power-saving model, ensuring power efficiency. If you’re traveling to a different time zone, the watch reads radio frequencies from up to six stations worldwide and automatically adjusts to keep it accurate.

Bluetooth Smartphone connectivity is another notable feature of the GWGB1000-3A. Pairing the watch with your smartphone via the CASIO Watches app offers additional useful functions and setting options. You can use the Location Indicator function to point the intuitive indicator hand at 3 o’clock toward a location you’ve recorded on the map within the app. This function can help you find your way back to a specific point, such as your campsite or car, even in challenging conditions like sandstorms or dense fog. You can also use the Mission Log function to record your activity history, such as your walking route and altitude data.

The GWGB1000-3A’s green color scheme matches the theme of the MUDMASTER series, with a multi-dimensional design that gives it a powerful and rugged look, but it is also offered in two other colorways, black and burgundy.

Combining toughness and technology, the G-SHOCK GWGB1000-3A is a natural evolution to the G-SHOCK Master of G line, capable of handling any punishment you throw at it while relaying useful information whenever needed. Grab yours at the link below.

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