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If you were to think of a smartwatch, and then a rugged watch for outdoors EDC, chances are you’re not picturing the same watch. That is, unless, the Garmin Instinct series comes to mind. The original Garmin Instinct was purpose-built for rigorous outdoor activity, backed with the brains and connected features of a modern smartwatch. Today, Garmin adds new-and-improved additions to the Instinct family with the Instinct 2 series. The new watches come in multiple sizes and colors with slimmer profiles, new displays, vastly improved battery life, and new features for tactical and outdoor EDC alike.

The best watch is the one you’re wearing, and the new Instinct 2 series is more wearable than ever thanks to its slimmer design and two size options. The Instinct 2 comes in the traditional 45mm bezel diameter, while the smaller Instinct 2S measures in at 40mm. The Instinct 2S should be a welcome addition to the lineup for people with smaller wrists who want to be equipped with smart features on their next mission without the bulk.

The Instinct 2 watches also boast a new, high-resolution display for improved legibility when telling time and tracking outdoor activity as well as fitness data on the go. It sits well-protected under a chemically strengthened, scratch-resistant lens. And like its predecessors, the Instinct 2 is still built tough with 100M water resistance and military standard 810 thermal and shock resistance so you can feel confident wearing it as your daily driver.

Battery life is improved across the board as well, making the new Instinct 2 series up to the task of everyday carry. You can use the base Instinct 2 for up to four weeks in smartwatch mode before needing to recharge, while the Instinct 2 Solar models offer practically unlimited battery life in smartwatch mode if you’re out getting enough sun each day. With runtimes like these, you can rely on your smartwatch with the peace of mind that it can keep up with you when you need it most.

Anyone whose EDC skews towards the tactical side of the spectrum will appreciate the Instinct 2 Tactical Editions and their slew of dedicated military features. For starters, its Tactical Activity tracking displays activity data in both coordinate types. A Stealth Mode disables wireless comms and stops sharing your GPS positioning to let you move off the radar. In the event opsec might be compromised, a Kill Switch wipes user data from the device memory. Other features in the Tactical Editions include night vision compatibility, dual-format GPS, Jumpmaster Mode for high-altitude missions, and projected waypoints for planning your egress.

The Instinct 2’s smart features don’t stop out in the field, either. It’s equipped to give you a birds-eye view of your wellness and fitness data too, like hydration tracking, VO2 Max, Sleep Score, and much more through apps available on the Garmin Connect IQ store. Other noteworthy capabilities include an Incident Detection feature to notify contacts in case of emergency during activity, as well as mobile tap payments with Garmin Pay.

The Instinct and Instinct 2S are available now, starting at an MSRP of $349.99. You can learn more about the new watch features and see them in all their colors and configurations at Garmin’s website linked below.

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