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It’s hard to find a good fitness tracker to EDC if you prefer the looks of an analog watch to a digital display. With the Garmin Vivomove, you won’t have to trade aesthetics for functionality.

That’s because the Vivomove is a fitness tracker built into a traditional analog wristwatch. With its familiar feel and customization options, you can tailor it to your own style. You’ll finally have a device that doesn’t look out of place in a business casual setting.

Instead of a digital readout, an analog bar counts your steps and provides an idle movement reminder. If you want more metrics, the watch connects to Garmin’s mobile application on both Android and iOS. It’ll even keep track of the length and quality of your sleep if you leave it on at night. As a watch it’s also quite capable, with a reliable battery that will last a year and water resistance down to 50 meters.

If you’ve been holding out from getting a fitness tracker for your EDC because of the way they look, the Vivomove could be a perfect fit. You can get yours in six different trim and band options at the link below.

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