Gerber Custom Center Drive Multi-tool

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If you have ever used the screwdriver on a multi-tool, you know how awkward it can be to use for an extended time. The screwdriver’s placement in most multi-tools tends to be off-center, an additional function and not the focus, making it uncomfortable to manipulate and less than ideal to use compared to a dedicated tool.

But things become better when a tool is designed to bring that driver to the center, like with the aptly-named Gerber Center Drive. This unique distinction has given the Center Drive a leg–or rather, an arm–up on the competition’s standard bit drivers. And now, for this upcoming holiday gifting season, you can fully customize a Center Drive for yourself, friends, or family to give it the look to match its performance and the rest of your EDC.

With the Custom Center Drive, you can pick between nine unique color options and many laser engravings that let you create a truly personalized tool. Even better, you can select between four different tool packs that change the included functions built into it. That ability to choose makes this the only multi-tool on the market that lets you swap out its feature set before it leaves its home factory of Portland, Oregon.

This customization also makes the Center Drive a great candidate for everyday carry gifting. Of course, the star of the show is the namesake Center Drive screwdriver bit holder. It’s extra long at 3.2” and magnetic for added convenience. Its placement at the center axis makes it easy to turn the tool and use it daily, with the torque and rotation you would expect from a regular full-size screwdriver but with a more compact footprint, not to mention the addition of all the extra functions.

Being a plier-style multi-tool, it has needle-nose plier tips and a wire cutter built in. And the full-sized outboard knife (one of the canvases for your custom design) lets you pare down to the essentials and carry just one tool rather than two. All the tools require just one hand to operate, and the pliers are spring-loaded to help you avoid fatigue during prolonged use.

The Gerber Custom Center Drive allows you to build a unique multi-tool for gifting to yourself or others this holiday season. It’s more than just changing the color or adding a bit of flair to your knife: you can pick the best features for your daily tasks. Make sure to click the link below to find out more about the Gerber Custom Center Drive, and buy one today for shipping in time for the holiday rush.

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