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For knife enthusiasts, the next level for their collection is the addition of a custom knife done up in a one-of-a-kind design. Creating a unique look and having it executed to your exact specifications brings a different kind of joy and satisfaction, especially once it’s finally in your hands. Long-time knife and tool maker Gerber steps up their game by offering a new way for you to customize some of their most popular knives. With hundreds of customization options from colors to designs to personal engravings, it’s the perfect way to express your unique and personal style, in a knife that’s truly your own.

Customizing Your Knife

You have four options when it comes to your custom knife, with the full suite of options available to Gerber’s iconic flipper, the Fastball. It’s their first compact flipper that comes with a premium 3“ S30V wharncliffe blade, a pocketable 4” profile when closed, and carry-friendly 2.7-ounce weight. It’s a premium, American-made option for EDC thanks to its size and features, and offers a solid platform to build your perfect custom knife.

Selecting the Fastball for customization takes you to the main interface, where a 3D render lets you see your changes in real time. You have three points of customization—the blade, handles, and hardware—where your selections appear on the render so you can immediately see what your final custom knife looks like. You’re free to rotate and examine the render by clicking and dragging, and on the right-hand side you have options to zoom, open or close the knife, or add it to your cart for checkout once you’ve finished. A running tally also keeps track of the changes you’ve made to see how the options you’ve selected affect its final price.

The Blade

For the blade customization, you get options for blade shape and how it’s finished. You can choose between the standard Fastball wharncliffe blade, or a more utilitarian and chopping-oriented cleaver style. Regardless of which blade shape you choose, the S30V stainless steel ensures excellent corrosion resistance and edge retention. Different finishes are featured for both blade styles. The cleaver offers a traditional stonewashed option as well as a tumbled black oxide blade, and the wharnciffe offers additional Cerakote ceramic coating options in USMC Red, Coyote Tan, and Cobalt Kinetics Slate for extra abrasion and wear resistance.

After choosing your blade profile, you can now personalize it even further with lasermarking. More the usual text engraving, the Gerber Custom website offers text, a wide variety of illustrations and logos, and even patterns to cover your whole blade with. The illustrations take on nature, hunting, exploration, and military themes, while the patterns give you choices under the Animal, Camo, Geometric, and Nature categories. The Custom Shop has a diverse assortment of styles, with unique marks like a crosshair emblem and a houndstooth pattern for more distinct designs, and the illustration library is frequently updated. These illustrations and patterns can be resized, rotated, and re-positioned as you please. Once you’re done, you can mirror your design to the other side of the blade, or select different patterns or markings altogether for a unique dual profile.

The Handles

Next you can choose the material for your handle scales. There are four different colors of machined G-10, as well as five different shades of anodized aluminum, the latter of which you can lasermark with the same text, illustration and pattern options as the blade. In addition, you can pick from two variants of graphically anodized aluminum: a Hex Fade pattern over Coyote Brown, and a Contrast Cloud that highlights a pattern using different shades of gray with bright orange sections.

The Hardware

Gerber lets you go the extra mile for customization by allowing you to choose the hardware on your Fastball. You have satin and black options for the insert, liner, axle, fasteners, and pocket clip, all of which you can spec separately, letting you create endless unique combinations. You can choose from three different positions to have your pocket clip installed right from the factory: tip-up right- or left-handed, and tip-down right-handed, or even choose to go without one. This ensures that the screw holes where you don’t want your clip installed remain freshly anodized and unused, giving you unblemished handles. Finally, you can select your backspacer. There’s a simple black glass-filled nylon one with some jimping for a lightweight, no-frills option, or you can match or contrast your personal design with a smooth anodized aluminum backspacer in Black, Urban Gray, Coyote Brown, or Burnt Orange.

All of these options let you create a design that spotlights your personality and matches the aesthetic of the rest of your EDC kit. After coming up with your own customized masterpiece, you can choose to save and share your design with friends. When you’re ready, you can order your customized Fastball with your personal design right then and there on the webpage. It will take Gerber the seven to ten days to ship your very own unique knife to you. All Gerber Custom creations are expertly crafted by seasoned factory veterans at Gerber HQ in Portland, Oregon.

Aside from full customization on the Fastball, you can personalize your blades on Gerber’s three other models: the Sharkbelly lightweight folder, the Strongarm fixed blade, and the US1 pocket lockback knife. These direct-from-manufacturer custom creations are backed by Gerber’s limited lifetime warranty, and give you a way to carry a knife that’s truly and uniquely yours. Check out the Gerber Custom Knives webpage at the link below.

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