Gerber in 2022: The Devour Ti Utensil

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For 2022, Gerber upgrades their Devour multi-tool with the titanium treatment, adding strength, rigidity, and hypoallergenic properties to the utensil compared to its original 7075 T6 aluminum construction. From outside appearances it looks like a regular camping spork, but it packs a multi-tool inserted into the handle that provides six different functions, including a can and bottle opener, a pry bar, a flathead screwdriver, and a scraping edge. It’s a pretty handy way to consolidate your carry whether you’re headed to the great outdoors or you’re looking for something better than a standard plastic take-away set when you’re opening up your lunch at work.


7.6“ length

1 ounce


New multi-tool attachment

What we like: This is a well-designed tool that takes up little space in your pack while providing useful functions when you’re on the go on the trail or traveling to your next destination. The titanium treatment adds a premium feel to the tool, and it will appeal to anyone with an everyday carry set that revolves around having other titanium tools. The addition of an unobtrusive multi-tool that adds useful opening and consumption tools is a welcome addition as well as a step up from a basic spork.

What we don’t like: Usually when a knife or tool is given a titanium upgrade, it means that it ends up being lighter overall for EDC. The opposite is the case here. Fans of ultra-lightweight camping won’t appreciate the added heft as the original tool weighed less at 0.83 ounces. When you absolutely need the lightest option, this won’t be it. For everyone else, you’ll have to make the decision as to whether the added strength of the tool is worth the added weight to your everyday carry.

If you’re in the market for an EDC spork that can do more than help you dig into some grub away from home, the Devour Ti might be your best option. It’s certainly a step up from a disposable utensil, and it looks great too. Check it out in your choice of colorway to best fit your style and kit at the link below.

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