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The best knife is the one you have on you, but sometimes your limited pocket space can make it hard to EDC a full-sized knife. To be sure, when there’s light utility work to be done like opening up packaging, your keys can sort of get the job done with a lot of coaxing. But you’ll miss having a real knife on you for that and any bigger task that comes your way. This year, Gerber provides a solution to this dilemma with their new Key Note knife, a stout workhorse folding knife with a miniature footprint that fits right on your keys, easily concealed.

In its fully-folded configuration, the Gerber Key Note looks like any other small key fob or RFID pass anyone might have on their keys these days. But with a small flick of the minute starter tab, the Key Note reveals a stout sub-1“ blade that gives you just enough cutting surface to get tasks done right. With a shape that’s a cross between a tanto blade and a chisel, the Key Note is made to pierce and lightly pry material as needed. And with easily-sharpened 5Cr stainless steel, you can touch it up after going through more than a few cardboard boxes in hand. When you’re done, you can close the knife up into the aluminum handle with one motion, as there’s no lock needed.

It isn’t until you’re missing the right tool for the job that you wish you brought one along. And the Gerber Key Note is a good piece of kit to place on your keys for when carrying a full-sized knife is out of the question. Because it’s so small and light, too, it’s worth keeping around as a backup everyday carry piece as well. Never go without a knife again, and pick up one of these unique and innovative Key Note knives today at the link below.

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