Ghostly x RPMFG Dyneema Backpack

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As far as carry capacity goes, it’s hard to beat a classic daypack. But for all those times you need a little more storage space than your pockets provide, and you don’t want to weigh yourself down with a bulky backpack, your options are fairly limited. 

Hikers and ultralight backpackers have a secret weapon against this conundrum: Dyneema composite fabric, also known as Cuben Fiber. The fabric is durable, waterproof, and ultralight. It’s the foundation of this collaboration backpack from Ghostly x RPMFG’s Ryan Perkins, combined with a well-proportioned and thoughtfully organized design that makes it just right for a high-capacity, low-weight EDC. 

It’s more compact than most daypacks at just 12L, but it also wears like it’s barely there thanks to its 10.5oz weight. A roll-top design provides waterproofness and expandability if you need to carry more, while a sealed zippered front pocket grants quick access to gear you need in a pinch. And unlike other ultra minimalist packs, the Ghostly x RPMFG Dyneema Backpack features two internal drop pockets for essentials like a tablet or a 15″ laptop. 

Finally, details like a German AustriAlpin COBRA buckle, 3D spacer mesh back panel, and made-in-USA construction round out the bag’s premium features. If you’ve been looking for a durable, low-profile, ultralight backpack with functional organization and thoughtful details, don’t miss the Ghostly x RPMFG Dyneema Backpack available at the link below.

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