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An ideal everyday carry bag should be simple to use, versatile for daily needs, and comfortable to carry. With the Tuition backpack from Grind, it’s those same features spearheading its design.

The Tuition’s secret sauce is in its front pockets. Two large, zippered compartments give you easy access to your gear, so you can grab your earphones, cables, or other essentials without having to dig through its main compartment.

Speaking of the main compartment, the Tuition’s is roomy with a padded rear slot for your laptop. Its zipper lining also comes in high-visibility green so you’re not fumbling in low visibility areas. A water-resistant exterior lets you carry the Tuition even in the wet, and mesh-padded straps and back panels ensure comfort when you do.

No need to complicate your everyday bag. Keep it simple and effective with the Grind Tuition backpack, available in two colors at Grind’s online shop linked below, along with their EDC-friendly, insulated water flask.


This is a sponsored post presented by Grind.

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