GRIPsher Compact Multitool

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Just how small can your tools go before they’re no longer useful? How about 21 functions in the literal palm of your hand? Designed to be a natural extension of your hands and fingers, the GRIPsher makes full use of its compact size to provide utility at every angle.

Despite its size, there’s no space wasted on the GRIPsher. Its two main arms—packed with tools—meet at the top to form its pliers and wire cutters. On the bottom is a unique locking HEXGRIP system that can securely hold standard hex bits. These arms are equipped with an array of drivers, wrenches, files, and openers. Additionally, each arm features extra folding tools in the form of a slot wrench/toe pry and heavy-duty knife. You can even estimate thickness using a material gauge on the underside of the pliers.

Thanks to its 17-4 stainless steel construction and ringlike form factor, the GRIPsher is tough enough to be carried externally on a belt loop or bag loop. At 1.6 ounces, it can also disappear in your pocket, making it ideal for everyday carry. Head to the Kickstarter link below to add one to your kit in the colorway of your choice, and even get the chance to donate one to a serving member of the military.

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