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Let’s face it, your cell phone is likely the most expensive part of your everyday carry. And because you seem to use your phone for everything these days, it’s the most prone to damage from wear and tear. Cell phone cases help, but they rarely do your phone justice when it comes to looks. This is even more true if you carry an iPhone, with the newest model having a price tag that’s as stunning as its design. What you need is a premium case that looks good on your iPhone while protecting it. And with their premium construction and thoughtful features, Haxford’s line of iPhone cases has you covered.

Haxford’s full-grain European leather cases are a far cry from what you tend to find in stores. They provide a supple, luxe feel when you have your device in hand. The natural skin also gives the back of your case more traction when you set it down. It’s available in three different and attractive shades: brown, black, and green. You can also choose the monogram of your choice to further make this case your own. And while they are beautiful, Haxford’s leather cases aren’t just for show. Because the base of the case is polycarbonate, it can handle the bumps and scrapes of everyday life. And it’s raised a bit at the edges to keep your screen from getting scratched on whatever surface you place it on.

As an added bonus, Haxford’s cases also include a slot at the back that can accommodate up to four bank cards. It turns your phone and its case into a functional minimal wallet, that you’ll be sure to have on you at all times. And if you pare down to the essentials, you can use it to consolidate your carry, removing bulk from your pockets. This is especially easy to do because your iPhone can already replace most of those cards via Apple Pay.

When it comes to protecting your iPhone in style, give Haxford’s line of cases a look. They are a handsome addition to the most essential piece of your everyday carry. Protect your investment with one of these cases by picking one up today at the link below.

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