Hitch & Timber EDC Card Caddy

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Managing to get most of your EDC in one spot can be a gamechanger for two reasons. First, it’s just way easier to carry. Secondly, you’re less likely to leave anything behind—which can be increasingly likely and frustrating if you carry more than the average EDCer. But even if you carry a wallet, knife, and pen everyday, you might find they’re not the most comfortable to carry loose in your pocket.

The EDC Card Caddy from Hitch and Timber consolidates your gear into a single package that’s both secure and pocket-friendly. There’s just enough room in its four-pocket design for your essentials without adding too much bulk. It holds 1-5 cards, twice-folded cash, a small pocket knife (like a Victorinox Cadet or Buck 55), and your favorite pocket pen. Each caddy is made by hand in the USA with leather from one of the last remaining tanneries in the country.

Hitch and Timber’s EDC Card Caddy is available in six different leathers, check them all out at the link below.

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