Huckberry x The Brown Buffalo Tropic Camo Collection

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When it comes to quality American-made small-batch everyday carry bags, The Brown Buffalo makes some of the best. Founder Douglas Davidson and his company specialize in handmade low-profile and durable tactical EDC bags and packs in Costa Mesa, California. And for the first time, they’ve partnered with our friends at Huckberry to put out a special, extremely-limited release of three bags that they’re calling the Tropic Camo Collection.

At the heart of this drop is a special edition of The Brown Buffalo’s 21L ConcealPack, with a matching Dopp Kit and Pencil Case. All three bags feature a custom DWR-coated X50 technical fabric developed by Dimension-Polyant in MULTICAM Tropic camouflage. And to commemorate the collaboration, the collection comes with a custom leather patch with both Huckberry’s and The Brown Buffalo’s logos.

21L ConcealPack

The ConcealPack is The Brown Buffalo’s flagship everyday carry backpack. A few unique design features make this bag stand out from the rest. The 21L ConcealPack has a structured design that holds its shape even when fully unloaded, and its clamshell opening design lets it lie completely flat for easy access. The bag gets its name from the front and rear concealed compartments that let you store small tech essentials and other valuables in an easy-to-access but hard-to-see area.

The front concealment pouch is Velcro hook-and-loop lined for admin panels and additional organization options. There’s also a snap hook for attaching keys or other loose accessories to avoid losing them when you’re on the move. The rear concealment compartment can fit up to a 15″ Apple MacBook Pro or similar laptop or tablet. Inside the pack, there’s a generous 21 liters of capacity, with an exclusive high-visibility yellow interior, as well as a loop field on the entire back panel of the main compartment that’s fully customizable with The Brown Buffalo’s large catalog of custom pouches and attachments. A see-through mesh organizer pocket and large stow pockets on the front panel allow for easy organization and identification of gear stuffed inside even.

To make it easy to carry this bag when traveling, the rear of the bag has a pass-through luggage sleeve for carry-on compatibility. And as an added benefit, the antimicrobial treatment on the padded straps reduces the chance of it developing odors after long-term use in the heat due to humidity and sweat.

Porterpen Case

Aside from the obvious, the Porterpen Case can do way more than carry your EDC pens and stationery with style. It’s great for all your small trinkets and everyday carry essentials. Plus, the smaller size lets you put frequently-needed items inside for easy retrieval from a more oversized bag without having to fully unpack that bag every time you need to reach the gear you need.

Dopp Kit

The traditional use of a Dopp Kit is to carry small liquids and travel EDC essentials like toiletries, combs, toothbrushes, and other personal care items when you’re on the road. But much like the Porterpen case, you can use this particular bag to carry more significant EDC essentials to prevent them from moving around or getting damaged. It’s got 3 liters of open space to act as a catchall for your EDC, headphones, other pouches for organization, and more.

If the Tropic Camo Collection appeals to you, set your alarms and wake up for the release on Tuesday, September 6th. The links to the bags go live at 8:30AM PST and will definitely not last long. The Brown Buffalo has near mythical status in the EDC community, and plenty of people are dead-set on getting their hands on this collection. And the small-batch nature of this release means you’ll miss it if you blink. Bookmark the link below and good luck on the drop!

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