Interview: Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer

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If you’re into gaming, you know the name Razer. The hardware company was started in 2005 with the focus of making the best gear for gamers. That means you can find everything from powerful laptops and ergonomic mechanical keyboards to headsets and smaller accessories in their product line-up. Today we get to talk to Razer’s co-founder and CEO, Min-Liang Tan, about what it’s like to run such a large company and the gear that helps him do it.

He spent many years as a lawyer before co-founding Razer, and it’s only been up from there becoming one of the most prominent figures in the tech industry. Over the course of only 12 years Razer went from a small company that made a great gaming mouse to a worldwide lifestyle brand with its own esports team. 

Early in 2017 Razer also acquired phone manufacturer Nextbit and not long after released their first phone for gamers, the Razer Phone, to positive reviews. You can say things are going pretty well for the company, but we wanted to pick the mind behind it all to see what gear in his pockets he values the most.

For those of our readers who don’t know, can you introduce yourself and your role at Razer?

Min-Liang Tan: I am Razer’s CEO and co-founder, Min-Liang Tan. As the leading lifestyle brand for gaming, we design kickass products and have fun at the same time getting into rounds of Overwatch… stuff like that.We pride ourselves with hiring and working with some of the best and most dedicated people in the industry. From scientists and designers, right down to esports professionals. Beyond being phenomenal at work, we want Team Razer members to be passionate in their field. And if you’re a gamer, it’s certainly a huge plus. 

What’s in your everyday carry?

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See Min-Liang Tan’s Full Everyday Carry

Min-Liang Tan: At Razer, we don’t just design gaming products. We design products that suit the gamer lifestyle, so unsurprisingly, many of the things I carry are from Razer. My Razer Rogue backpack is my main go-to bag of choice. It houses my Razer Blade Stealth and Razer Atheris mobile gaming mouse. My Razer Phone is the perfect everyday device. Especially now that there is compelling mobile gaming content like Arena of Valor! I also carry a Bluetooth headset—the Razer Hammerhead BT (with included carrying case), and a pair of gaming glasses that we designed with GUNNARS. To keep me going, I pack a couple of tubes of Celsius easy mix, which work way better than an energy drink. 

Would you consider yourself a minimalist when it comes to what goes in your pockets?

Min-Liang Tan: Definitely. Life should be kept simple. In fact, if I could have a single device to fulfill all my needs—I would. If not, maybe l should get my engineers to design one (heh).  

One item almost everyone has in their EDC is a smartphone. How do you think the new Razer Phone will improve someone’s day-to-day as part of their EDC?

Min-Liang Tan: In my opinion, the smartphone is the quintessential everyday carry, so it’s not surprising that it tops the list of so many people. It’s a compact device that allows productivity, social media, and for an increasing number of us—gaming. I like to be connected all the time, and I’d also like to be gaming all the time. Our recently-launched Razer Phone is ideal for me because of the phenomenal display, the cinematic audio, the insane performance and the incredible battery life.

In only 12 years Razer has come quite a long way. Where do you see yourself and the company in another 12 years and what piece of tech do you hope will be small enough to put in your pockets by then?

Min-Liang TanRazer has always been a disruptor in the tech and gaming industry. We were the pioneers of esports, we started the gaming peripherals industry, invented the first true gaming laptop, and developed one of the largest ecosystem for gamers. It’s my hope that 12 years from now we’re still doing the same thing – designing phenomenal products, software and services built around one person – The Gamer – and remaining always For Gamers. By Gamers.

You can keep up with Min-Liang on Twitter at @minliangtan.

If you’d interested in checking out Razer gear, the team at Razer have hooked it up with a special VIP discount for our readers to help level up your gaming EDC at the link below.

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