Interview: Steph Davis, Rock Climber

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Steph Davis is one of the best rock climbers, having set multiple records as the first and only to summit several of the world’s toughest routes. She’s taken some time from shooting photos from dizzying, breathtaking heights to snapping her everyday carry for us to see. Read on to find what gear she finds most useful on the cliffs and her quick advice to apply to your gear and your life.

What’s in your everyday carry?

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View Steph Davis’s Full Everyday Carry

You’ve followed your passion for climbing and now you’ve made a career out of it! How do you spend your day-to-day?

I spend equal time climbing rocks, jumping off cliffs, and on my computer. For me, there is no same old day-to-day. Sometimes I’m traveling, sometimes at my home base in Moab, Utah.

What are the most important things in life that keep you focused?

I like to keep a balance between the activities I’m passionate about (climbing, base jumping, wingsuit flying) and my work and personal relationships. My cat and dog are extremely important to me too. Mainly my goal has always been to have as much freedom as possible.

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Besides climbing itself, what do you enjoy doing most of the time?

I love taking pictures and I’m often going up or flying down from a cliff, so my iPhone lanyard is pretty crucial gear in helping me capture those moments. I usually try to bring my dog with me everywhere I go. And staying hydrated is my unpaid, fulltime job.

How’d you end up with your current EDC?

These are the bare essentials for a regular day in Moab, and I’m pretty picky about gear. So these are all things I’ve come to trust and need.

Out of those things you trust and need, what’s your favorite?

That iPhone lanyard is probably the most used thing I’ve ever owned!

Do you have any recent accomplishments? What’s the next proverbial mountain to climb for you?

I did a Tedx talk this year, and since then I’ve been focusing a lot of energy on public speaking.

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You must have a unique perspective on life from your years of climbing. What advice would you leave us given your experiences?

“Light is right!” Most of the things I do requires gear. It all adds up, so I try to focus on minimalism all the time. This carries over to everything else in life — I want the things I need, and that’s it.

See more from Steph at her blog, High Infatuation, and follow her on Twitter at @highsteph for more updates.

Photos courtesy of Steph Davis.

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