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The lowly toothpick is an oft-forgotten part of an everyday carry self-care kit, something so little but whose functionality is sorely missed when it’s time to clean up. But carrying a bunch of loose toothpicks in your pockets tends to end in poked holes in your pants and splinters in your legs. That won’t work, especially when the rest of your everyday carry is filled with carefully-considered quality goods that are more than just fit for purpose. So what you need is something classier, able to hold toothpicks with a style befitting the rest of your curated EDC gear. Something like the new James X Daneson Randolph Cache, which pairs precision CNC-machining with premium materials to elevate a basic, yet essential function.

You might have seen other EDC capsule containers before, designed to carry small items, but few can claim to be as well-built and premium as the Randolph Cache. It sports a precision CNC-machined 6Al4V titanium body that’s super-durable, resistant to corrosion, and lightweight at 1.1 oz. It’s also an inherently food-safe material, which is important considering you’re putting toothpicks into it. It comes with 24 upscale wooden toothpicks made out of American Northern Birch wood milled in the United States and flavored with atlas mint.

But even if you don’t plan on carrying toothpicks inside, you can use the cache to carry essentials like medication and other small goods. Because of the o-ring seal on the cap, the contents are sealed in an air-tight container that keeps the elements out as well.  The cap itself is also designed with a lanyard loop for any attachments or customization to better fit your EDC.

Unlike cheaper EDC caches that tend to be made out of cheap plastic or aluminum, the Randolph Cache is built a cut above, with premium machining and materials that make it as good as the rest of the great items in your personal ensemble. When you don’t want to compromise in your carry, the James X Daneson Randolph Cache is hands-down the nicest option when it comes to carrying your toothpicks around ready to go as you go about your day.

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