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A lot of modern flashlights try and pack as many features as possible into the common two-button interface. While it allows for incredible customization and adaptability, sometimes your flashlight needs may lie more in the efficiency of simplicity. And few interfaces do it as well as a rotary interface: there’s nothing to navigate or program, you just twist to the brightness you need and you’re ready to go. Unfortunately rotary lights are an uncommon breed, which is why new releases like JETBeam’s RRT01 RAPTOR are all the more welcome. It’s an update to last year’s JET-RRT01 and offers tweaks to its features and design to make it an even more appealing light in 2020. This is a modern rotary flashlight done right.

As expected from a rotary light, and similar to last year’s model, the RRT01’s interface is driven by a magnetic rotating ring, but this year’s model activates with a forward clicky tail switch. It starts from an imperceptible activation, and rotating the magnetic ring gives you stepless dimming from 1-950 claimed lumens by way of its CR123A, RCR123A, and 18350 battery compatibility paired with the original Cree XP-L emitter or a new option for the enthusiast favorite Nichia 219C. Special modes like Strobe and are SOS hidden through quick twists. This new setup allows the RRT01 to have a “memory” function, since now you can leave the ring at the desired brightness level when you next turn it on. Using an 18350 battery allows for its full output (CR123A goes up to 420 lumens), and using a CR123A gives you an extended runtime of 80 hours on its lowest 1-lumen setting.

The IPX8-rated anodized aluminum body also comes with a few changes from last year’s model. The attached clip is now shorter and doesn’t overlap with the magnetic ring to offer seamless operation, and the tailcap is now extended with a skeletonized stainless steel tail for rope or lanyard attachments. The stainless bezel also comes with fewer crenelations, and is flush with the head for a cleaner profile. Overall, small tweaks to allow ease of operation and EDC, even while gloved.

JETBeam continues to keep the rotary flashlight alive with a solid release in the RRT01 RAPTOR, tweaked for performance and upgraded for enthusiasts without reinventing the (magnetic) wheel. Pick it up at the link below.

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