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Flashlights have come a long way from the simple off-and-on models of the early EDC market. These days, many production flashlights are packed with both features and lumens, each competing for your valuable pocket space in functionality and output. But there will always be a market for simple and efficient lights that do their best when they do very little, and nothing does the job like one with a rotary interface. JETBeam has been keeping the rotary flame alive in the past year with their compact rotary flashlights in the RRT01 and RRT03, and now they round out their RAPTOR collection with the high-powered RRT2. If you’ve been in the market for a powerful flashlight that does its job with one of the sleekest and hassle-free interfaces out there, the RRT2 is worth a spin.

Compared to its siblings in the RAPTOR line, the RRT2 takes more after the RRT03 with its stepped outputs and modes, rather than the infinitely variable output of the RRT01 and the JET-RRT01 that came before it. Twisting the magnetic control ring from off, the RRT2 has detents for Low, Medium , High, Turbo, and a special detent for Strobe-SOS-Beacon-Power Detection modes controlled by the rear power switch. From touch alone you can determine which detent (and thus mode) you’re on, and from there it’s just a click from the tail switch to engage the exact output you need.

You get 60 hours from 15 lumens at Low, all the way up to 2,080 lumens for 2 minutes on Turbo, before dropping down to an 800-lumen High for 3.5 more hours. This output is courtesy of a micro USB-rechargeable 5100mAh 21700 battery, though the RRT2 also accepts 20700 and 18650 cells you may already have. Paired with its Luminus SST-70 LED and a smooth reflector, it can bring its 2,080-lumen output to bear for up to 322 meters.

The larger 21700 platform also gives the RRT2 more room for its larger head and profile. This offers a crenelated bezel, more room for thermals and protection circuits, a larger space for knurling for grip along with a built-in tactical ring, and a rear switch that still lets the light tailstand while being convenient to use even while gloved. The entire package is rated IPX8 for the best-in-class water- and shockproofing, which means the RRT2 is built for even the toughest missions.

The RRT2 keeps JETBeam’s rotary lineage alive and well, bringing power and convenience to your EDC with zero fuss and hassle. If you’ve yet to add a rotary flashlight to your EDC, this is the powerhouse worth its weight in anodized aluminum. Pick it up at the link below.

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