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Putting together utility, collectibility, and affordability in a compact package that’s designed to be carried easily is a winning formula for EDC. Fortunately, Kershaw is no stranger to high-value knives with a low cost of entry. With their new Cinder Copper, they’ve teamed up with custom knifemaker Rick Hinderer to design the ultimate utility knife. With practical features, touches of Hinderer’s bold design language, and an exotic copper accent that only gets better with age, the Cinder is an all-around performer that makes short work of everyday tasks.

Even with just 4” of overall length to work with, Kershaw and Hinderer made sure to make the most out of the Cinder’s space. The knife’s curves and tight shape are designed to give you a comfortable 3-finger grip that feels good even when choking up for harder cuts. The curved spine on the 1.4” 3Cr13 blade offers a platform for your thumb, while a bottom curve between tang and handle acts as a large finger choil for better purchase. An upswept sheepsfoot shape makes the most of the blade’s limited belly, working well with the overall knife shape. And while not ambidextrous, one-handed opening is still possible with a thumb stud on the medial side of the blade.

As its name suggests, the Cinder Copper’s key feature is its eye-catching copper handles. It gives a three-fold benefit of displaying the handles’ geometric pattern, giving a glimpse and access into the skeletonized liner lock by way of a large cutout, as well as developing a patina unique to the knife’s user over time. And while the use of copper seems like it would add a bit of weight, the Cinder only still clocks in at 0.9 ounces. This makes it ideal for its purpose as a keychain utility knife, especially with a backspacer that houses both the Cinder’s keychain ring as well as a bottle opener along the top for added functionality.

Kershaw and Hinderer sought to make the ultimate keychain utility knife with the Cinder Copper, and thanks to its solid features, exotic accents, and affordable price, it’s hard to disagree. Pick up the Kershaw Cinder Copper from Amazon at the link below.

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