Keyport Slide 3.0 & Pivot

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Keyport, Inc.’s original Slide 2.0 was a crowdfunded endeavor to reinvent the way you carry keys. Through its unique sliding mechanism, your pocket tools consolidate into a convenient package ideal for pocket carry. No clinking, jangling, or tangling from your keychain—just functionality at the slide of a lever. Their newest line of products—the Slide 3.0 and Pivot—takes the Slide 2.0’s original concept, customizes it, and optimizes it to best suit your needs. The Slide 3.0 now comes in a modular design, able to attach and remove EDC essentials like a knife, light, and locator fob to the main body. As an entry-level option, the Pivot makes short work of your stack of keys, able to accommodate between 4-15 in an expanding system. Both organizers are compatible with all Keyport modules, making the transition between them and your desired loadout simple. The Slide 3.0 and Pivot now also feature aircraft-grade aluminum construction and the addition of a low-profile lanyard attachment for even more carry options. If you need a multi-tool that lets you completely customize your keychain system, check out Keyport’s latest on Kickstarter at the link below.

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