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LA Police Gear Everyday Essentials

LA Police Gear Everyday Essentials

You might already know LA Police Gear (LAPG) as one of the best online retailers of tactical and duty EDC gear from leading everyday carry manufacturers for law enforcement, military, and civilian purchasers alike. But you should also know that LAPG’s in-house design team develops great gear of their own, from clothing like pants, shirts, and boots, to EDC essentials like flashlights, knives, and packs. By selling their goods directly, prices for their in-house offerings tend to be much lower than you’d expect for the high quality that you get. They also build their products to endure harsh duty use and situations where lives are at stake, so you can count on that very same gear when you need it the most. To introduce you to some of what LA Police Gear has to offer, we’ve rounded up four of our favorite EDC items from their inventory that’ll give you a taste of what they have to offer. And for a limited time, you can use code EDC15 on checkout to save 15% off the price of any LAPG brand items in your cart.

LAPG BFE Stretch Tactical Pant

Duty pants tend to be stuffy and heavy, and their materials are often uncomfortable when the summer heat starts blazing away. LAPG’s BFE Stretch Tactical Pant throws that into the wind, with a polyester cotton blend construction that mixes durability with a comfortable stretch fit and breathability as well. The layout of the 10 pants pockets also allow for plenty of organization, especially for tactical use, with dedicated pockets for a knife, tool, or light, and big cargo pockets throughout for your larger duty gear like magazines and first aid items. But don’t mistake its comfortable build with fragility: the BFE is built with significant reinforcement at wear points, letting it stand up to daily duty use with ease.  And if you’re looking for a similar design but in a fit specifically designed for women, LAPG also offers their line of Stretch Ops Pants as an option.

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LAPG Rescue EDC Folding Knife

True to its name, the LAPG Rescue EDC Folding Knife is made for quick action in a vehicle-related emergency. The cutout in the grippy G10 handle allows the 3.25" 8Cr14MoV blade to act as a strap cutter while the knife is closed, and there’s a glass breaker at the pommel of the handle as well. The stainless steel blade is opened easily with either hand with the large eyehole and spring assist, and it’s secured in place with a liner lock. The durable steel blade itself is also hardened to a respectable Rockwell hardness of 58, but if you end up abusing the knife in an emergency situation it’s easy to maintain the knife and get it back to working shape. The blade is available in both drop-point and tanto shapes, letting you pick between excellent slicing characteristics and a fine point tip for piercing work, and you can opt to add serrations too. When you’re done with the knife, fold it back up and let it disappear into your pockets with its deep carry pocket clip.

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LAPG Commuter & School Backpack

If you’re looking for a low-profile everyday carry backpack built to tactical standards but without the loud design that other tactical bags feature, the LAPG Commuter & School Backpack is for you. It features a durable 600D polyester construction with smart features like hydration bladder compatibility and even a dedicated space to put up to a 10x12" ballistic plate for personal protection (that padded area is also great for laptop and tablet storage as well). And it’s able to do all this without screaming its tactical origins for everyone to see. This discreet backpack is well-suited for trips to the office or school use, and it’s built tough and comfortable enough with extreme padding in the shoulder straps for even the heaviest loads.

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LAPG F8 1,200 Lumen Flashlight

The LAPG F8 flashlight features a high-power 1,200 lumen max Cree XP-L LED module that’s ultra-versatile with its power options. It comes with a 21700 rechargeable battery, and the body features a hidden micro-USB charging port for your convenience. It’s also compatible with 20700, 18650, and CR123A batteries as well. There’s even an adapter included for you to use three regular AAA alkaline batteries in a pinch. With four separate output modes and IPX8 water resistance, it’s a great military-grade everyday carry light you can carry at an affordable price.

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This is a sponsored post presented by LA Police Gear.

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Too bad both sides couldn’t leave the protest arguments on the approximately 6 billion other sites dedicated to it on the internet.
Defund the police. Demilitarize the police. Don't play dress-up to look like police. And definitely don't buy things from companies who put Gadsden flags in their advertisements, jesus. Posting this while Police are out murdering Black Americans is offensive.
You do realize that there is more black on black crime than any other race, right? You strike me as the type of SJW that makes every post you’re offended by into a political statement. You assuming that EVERY police Officer us “out murdering Black Americans” is offensive. I don’t expect anything less from a 16 year old.
Every copy may not be out there "murdering black Americans", but every cop stands behind the thin blue line when ones does something wrong. If cops refuse to call-out their mates when they abuse their power, then they are all bad. If cops are demoted or fired when do they try to speak up, then they are all bad. But go ahead and stick to your dog-whistle racist talking points.
The fact that you made the black on black crime argument shows you 100% don’t understand what’s going on. People aren’t pissed and upset bc cops are the only ones killing black people. People are protesting bc cops seem to be the only people who get to do it and have no consequences. If a black persons kills another black persons, that individual will spend the rest of his life in the jail system. If a cop kills a black persons, he get to go on paid “administrative leave” and come back to work once everything blows over. Please open your eyes and see what is really going on and been going on for 100’s of years.
Statistics also say that violent crime is commonly intraracial, i.e. the vast majority of white violent crime is committed by white offenders. That has nothing to do with the question in point.
The point you tried to make literally makes no sense. I hope a moderator of this page sees your response and bans you from commenting on anything to prevent any of us from being subjected to your stupidity and ideology. And no one is marching about white people being killed bc sadly, it’s not something that happens like the murder of black Americans. I don’t remember ever seeing a story about a quite person being killing on “accident” while being asleep in their own home, I don’t remember seeing a story about a quite person being “accidentally” killed by an officer pressing there knee so hard down on them that they can’t breath for 9 minutes straight until the person dies. Try getting more informed before you commenting on anything.
* white person
@Montana - what we have here is a failure to read or to comprehend. He said defund and demilitarize. This does not equate to disband. Currently, the police force is overfunded because they are overtaxed taking calls for things that they are not trained for and unqualified to do. Narrow their mandate, train them, and use them effectively. Does this mean that some Policemen will lose jobs? Definitely. But this is because of a misguided joint Democrat and Republican agenda to drastly increase the number of policemen on the ground creating a lot more bureaucracy to take care of the increased presence. Critical thinking for a complex problem. As Einstein said (paraphrasing) it takes genius to make something simpler and more elegant. Oh and freedom of speech on a non-governmental site? That amendment doesn't mean what you think it means.
Someone let J.C. out of the CHAZ again...
Wow... Triggered.
Do you lick boots toe to heel, or heel to toe?
Statistics also say that violent crime is commonly intraracial, i.e. the vast majority of white violent crime is committed by white offenders. That has nothing to do with the question in point.