Leather Multi-Tool Sheath by American Bench Craft

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We know your trusty full-size multitool isn’t always the easiest to carry. If it’s something you rely on daily, it’s best to keep it at the ready and easily accessible. This handcrafted leather sheath from American Bench Craft can help with that. Designed to fit a Leatherman Wave and similarly sized multitools, the sheath attaches to your belt and opens using brass snap hardware. Unlike the hook-and-loop flap closures you find on more common nylon sheaths, the all-metal hardware is less likely to wear out over time. Its single-piece, no-stitch riveted construction also offers strength and durability while keeping bulk to a minimum. American Bench Craft make the sheaths by hand in the USA, using full-grain, veg-tanned leather. Find this sleek carry option at American Bench Craft’s Etsy storefront at the link below.

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