Lumintop EDC Pimi Copper Flashlight

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The biggest surprises can come from the smallest places, and that rings true especially for modern flashlights. The old compromise of performance in exchange for size is a thing of the past, and some of the most interesting flashlights to come out in recent years have also arrived in the most compact packages. Lumintop’s latest light is crazy small, but doesn’t hold back the least bit in features. It’s a capable compact copper performer fit for even the most minimal EDCs.

Yes, the Pimi really is that small, measuring a mere 1.3 inches and weighing 0.6 ounces thanks to its polished copper construction. The more exotic material is a nice touch to add to something so small, letting it stand out from other keychain flashlights while also giving it a unique patina over time. Even better is it’s paired with a Nichia NCSLE17A-E LED, giving it an eye-pleasing neutral white tint usually found on more enthusiast flashlights.

The Pimi is powered by a 10180 li-ion battery and comes with micro USB charging. Operation couldn’t be simpler—the light is off when fully tightened, and opens up to its 60-lumen single mode when its head is loosened, which is plenty of light for smaller lighting tasks. TIR optics also does its job in spreading out the beam to a soft, even area for best coverage. And no need to worry about using the Pimi in a pinch during inclement weather: it’s IP68-rated against dust with water resistance for up to 2 meters.

Charge it up, hook it up to your gear, and give it a twist to get to work. Pick up the Lumintop Pimi at the link below.

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