Magpul DAKA Everyday Folding Wallet

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There’s plenty of good reasons to carry a leather wallet, from style, to feel, to character as it develops a patina with use. But it’s not the best option if you want something light and minimalist while still remaining durable against hard use and harsher environments. This is where a wallet with more modern materials and technical construction comes in. Magpul’s DAKA line of EDC wallets have proven their worth since its initial release, winning a place in many people’s pockets because of their hardy, yet lightweight polymer construction that stands up to the wear and tear of daily life. New to 2020 is their Everyday Folding Wallet, a robust minimalist bifold wallet that creates space by taking up next to nothing at all.

Magpul’s extensive expertise with polymer allows them to make everything from slim card cases to billfolds without all the weight and bulk that you’ll encounter with other materials. The folding design of the DAKA Everyday Folding Wallet features a large transparent panel on one side so you can show your most important identification card without having to retrieve it. There’s room for up to 7 standard-sized cards in total, all held securely in Magpul’s signature RF-welded, water resistant, and durable polymer panels. Especially useful is the reverse external card slot where you can keep your most-used cards, keeping the rest stored in the center.

The folding design allows for each card to take up a slot and not bulge, which prevents stretching the material and making it less useful when you want to carry less on occasion. That design also contributes to how slim the wallet is, meaning tat the DAKA Everyday Folding Wallet won’t make a big imprint in your pocket or bag.

The DAKA Everyday Folding Wallet is one of Magpul’s strongest slim EDC wallet offerings so far, with a smart design that allows for great versatility and convenience in carry and a strong construction that’ll stand up to more than a regular bulky leather wallet could ever hope to. Whether this is your first polymer wallet or you’re looking to make an update to your ensemble, check out the link below and buy one for yourself today.

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