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Being prepared is a big part of everyday carry, but even those of us who try to plan for everything can get caught off guard. Take having to remember a long shopping list or a group order at a restaurant when you’re calling the shots. Or the awful and unhygienic feeling when you have to sign a receipt or a document and the cheap pen they keep chained to the table won’t cooperate with you.

Finding the right kind of writing tool that fits your pockets as well as the rest of your well-curated EDC can be a hassle, and that’s where our friends at Dango come in with their new Mini Pen and Permanent Marker designs. They’re robust and practical bits of stationery that can save you from the stress of losing important notes and ideas on the go, overbuilt for everyday carry the way only Dango can.

Dango Mini Pen

The Dango Mini Pen is a portable, compact, and precision-machined aluminum bodied pen outfitted with a pressurized ink cartridge for write-anywhere performance whenever you need it. Fully closed the pen measures just 4.2“ long. You open the pen by unscrewing the top cap, and you can stow it at the rear of the pen to post it. This extends the length of the pen to a length of 5.4″, making it friendlier for long writing and note taking sessions to avoid cramping your hands.

The Mini Pen takes some of the design language of Dango’s other products, from the subtle wordmark branding to the lanyard hole built in to the cap seen on the pen styles that came before it. Its anodized 6061 aerospace grade aluminum body is available in Satin Silver and Jet black finishes, and the pen comes with a clip that allows it to attach to your pocket when you’re not using it. To add even more value to your EDC, the Mini Pen also comes with a Dango Notebook so you’re ready to strike while the ideas are hot.

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Dango Permanent Marker

The Dango Permanent Marker takes the standard Sharpie felt tip pen and encapsulates and elevates the original form factor within a durable, precision-machined aluminum body that offers a lot more durability and usability than the standard plastic shell ever can. The increased grip surface and slightly wider diameter also allows for a more secure hold on the marker during extended use.

Plus where the regular Sharpie clip is fragile and too bendable, the Dango Permanent Marker housing offers you a sturdy pocket clip up top that will stand up to use (and abuse). It even has a pointy edge at the tip for opening boxes and envelopes for added convenience, and fits the Sharpie’s use case perfectly as a companion for for processing packaging and deliveries. Like the Mini Pen, the Permanent Marker also gives you two colorway options in Satin Silver and Jet black finishes to best match the rest of your stationery EDC.

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With either the Dango Mini Pen or Permanent Marker you can be prepared to take notes or write on any subject when you need it (and when you least expect it), in sturdy new shells that are built to last like the rest of your carry. Pair them with Dango’s other everyday carry-friendly compact pens and notebooks while you’re at it at the link below.

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This is a sponsored post presented by Dango.

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