Manker MC13 Pocket Thrower Flashlight

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For the longest time, thrower flashlights were a whole different league of flashlights. Adding a high-powered, distance-traversing thrower to your EDC meant dealing with cumbersome sizes like the popular “soda can” lights, gigantic packs of batteries, and more heat than the light usually knew how to deal with. So when a thrower comes along that can actually fit in your pocket while still able to cut the darkness in half and throw a beam over 700 meters, it’s a sure sign that the times and tech have hit a milestone. Manker’s MC13 pocket thrower is all that and so much more, all in a size that fits right in your palm.

Let’s start with the specs. Within the 3.57“ length and 1.64“ head lies your choice of OSRAM LED color, with the white KW CULNM1.TG option its peak performer. Powered by a high-drain 18350 li-ion battery, this single(!) LED is manufacturer-rated to push out up to 950 lumens on Turbo at 144,000 candela to hit its mark at 760 meters. This peak throw mode is joined by five other output modes (including a 0.5 Moonlight mode) to give the MC13 versatility as an EDC light as well. The key to the MC13’s throw is its specialized combination of reflector and TIR lens. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen, with a large “tunnel” down the middle of the lens surrounded by a clear, smooth, anti-reflective coated glass.

Output is controlled via a metal tail electronic switch (with a bonus tritium slot), using Manker’s new and improved new interface. Instant access to Moonlight (with 5 levels), Turbo, special modes like Strobe, and Lockout make navigation a breeze. Two clicks and you can see clear into your next three neighbor’s houses. And while the MC13 does have the wider head to accommodate its thrower architecture, the slim body and smaller battery gives enough room for a sturdy clip for EDC.

Modern throwers have come a long way, throwing further than ever in packages as friendly and as feature packed as can be. When you need to spot a target on the side of a building or a mountain, or witness what it’s like to throw a beam of light straight into the sky, pick up Manker’s MC13 at the link below.

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